Can a Broken or Fractured Toe be Treat at Home and Its Healing Time?

Broken Toe

  • A broken toe is another name for a toe fracture.
  • Since a toe is made up of several bones, one of these bones may be fractured after experiencing an injury to the foot or toes.
  • Often times, injuries to the toes happen in the most unexpected circumstances like tripping over an object or bumping a toe on a rock or any object, or during physical activities like playing football, etc.
    Because of this, a broken toe also got the term “freak injury” as another label.
  • Sometimes, a broken toe can be confused with a case of a sprained toe and a wrong diagnosis can be troublesome for it can potentially slow down the healing process of broken toe. It must be diagnosed properly before the right treatment can be given.

Broken Toe Treatment

  • Treatment of a broken toe can be done at home and may not necessarily have to be treated in an emergency room or with a doctor.
  • The following treatment is simple and can be done to help decrease the pain and swelling caused from a broken toe. It can also help in the immediate healing of the injury.
  • Elevation: This is done by keeping the affected foot raised above the level of the heart to help decrease the swelling and pain. This can be done during sleep or while reclining in a lounge chair.
  • Ice: It is the application of a cold compress to the injured part for a period of 15 to 20 minutes every 1 to 2 hours.
  • Rest: Is done by avoiding any form of exercise that can put a strain on the recuperating toe. Sometimes, just to avoid putting too much weight on the affected toe, crutches or a special kind of footwear can be used by a person when walking.

Broken Toe Healing Time

  • The healing time period of a broken toe can range between a month or two, almost always depending on the nature and severity of the injured toe.
  • The method of treatment being used is also a deciding factor on how long before a broken toe will heal.
  • During the healing time, it is required that a person stay away from any form of exercise or physical activity that would mostly put pressure on the recovering toe. Failure to follow such instruction may cause the broken toe to heal a lot longer than expected.

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