What are the Symptoms of Bruised Tailbone and Its Recovery Time

Tailbone is the triangular bone located at the end of your vertebral column. The medical name for tail bone is coccyx. A bruised tail bone is a painful condition; people suffering from bruised tail bone are unable to sit properly. The condition is really troublesome and annoying. It can make your day to day life miserable.

Your tailbone can be bruised by an injury. If the injury is severe, it can lead to fracture or dislocation of the coccyx. Most often women complain of bruised tailbone, the reason being broad pelvis that exposes much of the coccyx.

There are several reasons for tailbone injury. Falling on your buttocks is one of them. Rigorous exercise can strain the ligaments of the tailbone and can lead to pain with difficulty in movement. A direct blow on the coccyx during sport activities or a fall from bicycle can injure your coccyx. Many times women complain of pain in their bottom after childbirth. Constant pushing and straining can injure the coccyx during child birth, it can also occur after a forceps delivery.

It is important to remember that tumor of the sacrum can give rise to bruised feeling of tailbone, especially in old age. Bone spurs and nerve root compression are other rare causes for a painful coccyx.

What are the Symptoms of Bruised Tailbone

The symptoms may vary from one person to another depending on the severity of the injury.

  • The most obvious symptom is pain in the coccyx area. The tailbone area is the lowest part of your back. You can feel your tailbone on the upper portion of the groove between two buttocks.
  • The pain is localized and the bone is tender to touch. Patient screams if you touch his bruised tailbone.
  • You may find bruises on your buttocks and around the coccyx area when the cause is direct impact on the bone.
  • Pain becomes severe when you sit for prolonged period. Even walking and running may bring severe pain in the coccyx.
  •  A person may find difficulty while straining at stool due to pain, and thus he avoids easing the bowel movement. Another reason is bruised tailbone inflammation can extend to your colon and anus.
  • It is possible to experience pain during sex, especially for women.

Treatment for Bruised Coccyx

Bruised tailbone is largely diagnosed with proper history and examination. In addition X-ray may help to determine whether there is a fracture. Generally the symptoms of bruised tailbone can be managed at home. The most discomforting symptom is pain, and the aim is to alleviate the pain as soon as possible.

  • Apply ice packs on the painful region. Apply it for 10 to 15 minutes three to four times in a day when the pain is severe and recent in onset. Ice fomentation will numb the area.
  • Avoid sitting for long on hard surface. Try to sit on one buttock alternately. Lean forward while you sit so that there is less compression on the tailbone.
  •  Sit on a doughnut shaped pillow. This pillow cushion is ring shaped with an empty space or a hole in the middle. It distributes your weight on the periphery without putting much pressure on your tailbone.
  • To relieve constipation, eat food with high fibers.
  • Your doctor may recommend anti-inflammatory medicine to relieve the pain.
  • Avoid wearing high heel shoes. It will strain your already bruised coccyx bone. Warm baths and gentle massage also helps to alleviate the pain.

What is the Recovery Time Frame for a Bruised Tailbone

The recovery time for bruised tailbone depends whether it is caused due to a trauma or an infection or due to a tumor. When the reason is traumatic injury, is it a simple strain or a fracture. If it is simple strain such as after an exercise the condition may heal after few weeks. If the reason is fracture, it may take couple of months. In both cases healing is complete. Rarely the condition can turn chronic and cumbersome even after taking medical treatment. If there is a tumor, the focus now shifts to cure the tumor.

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