Supplements and Natural Treatments for Cartilage Regeneration

Cartilage Regeneration Supplements

Cartilage damage and deterioration affects a great number of people and often need serious medical attention due to the symptoms that arise. The body does not have the ability to regenerate damaged cartilages naturally without any external help. It only produces fibrocartilage that covers the joints but cannot take the pressure that the joint undertakes with normal movements.

This is why most patients feel severe pain and stiffness. It is also the reason why most patients prefer to take cartilage regeneration supplements to enhance the healing process.

The best cartilage regeneration supplements are those that contain glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. These two are produced in the body naturally but sometimes run short due to injuries of the cartilage and aging. Glucosamine is a type of amino sugar that aids in the repair and formation of cartilage tissue. Chondroitin sulfate on the other hand is a complex carbohydrate that enhances water retention which helps maintain the cartilage cells’ elasticity.

Glucosamine supplements are mostly taken from shells of shellfish while chondroitin supplements are from the cartilages of beef, cows, and sharks.

Natural Treatments for Cartilage Regeneration

In addition to taking natural supplements that contain glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, there are some natural treatments that aid in the healing process of damaged and deteriorated cartilages.

  • Prolotherapy. This has been a popular treatment which is also known as proliferation therapy and regenerative injection therapy. The treatment involves injecting a non-active and non-pharmacological irritant into the affected area which can create an inflammation. Through this inflammation, the body then strikes on the affected cartilage which enhances and continues the process of healing. This procedure is important since the body systems only attempt to heal the cartilage for around six weeks. Beyond this time, whether the healing is complete or not, the body systems will focus on other parts of the body that need healing.
  • Patients can use willow and ginger extracts. There are many supplements in pill form that have these as ingredients and can be taken regularly. These will help manage stiffening of the joints along with the pain.

Natural Steps to Enhance Cartilage Regeneration

  • Include cod liver oil into the diet. This oil has fatty acids that prevent and stop the damaged cartilage from further breaking. The process promotes a faster healing process and helps the cartilage regenerate.
  • Patients should avoid potatoes, tomatoes, capsicum, and aubergine. All of these have bad effects on joints that are inflamed.
  • Patients need to eat foods that are rich in vitamin C and gelatin. Both have collagen which is needed for regeneration.
  • Patients should engage in an exercise program that is specially developed for those that have damaged cartilages. This will prevent joints from being stiff.

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