What Is The Cause Of My Finger Twitching And How To Stop It?

Have you paid attention to fine involuntary movements that occur in small area of your finger any time? You do not recollect, yes it happens with everyone. This fine involuntary movement is nothing but finger twitching. All of us may have experienced twitching in our fingers sometime in our life, it does occur sporadically. Considering stress, mental and physical (mobile messaging texting), occupation (typing) as key causes that may randomly affect our finger, there are other causes that may need more attention.

When finger twitching is persistent, the cause can be serious underlying disease. It can due to an abnormality in nerve or in muscles of hands and fingers. Sometimes, continuous finger twitching can be due to a brain related problem. In view of its seriousness, continuous twitching of finger needs to be evaluated by the physician.

What Causes Involuntary Twitching Of Fingers?

Following are some of the causes for finger twitching;

  • Overuse and fatigue of finger is frequently a cause for finger twitching. One or more fingers can be affected at the same time. This happens more in people who have occupation such as typing, abuse of modern day gadgets such as mobile texting can also strain the muscles of finger and hand resulting in involuntary twitching.
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome: the median nerve which passes through the carpel tunnel (A tunnel made by fibrous sheath near wrist joint) gets compressed. Various factors are responsible for it. Compression can occur as a result of overuse of muscles, it can be due to a compressing lipoma or a ganglion in wrist area. Twitching, numb feeling, burning sensation, weakness in gripping an object and pain in wrist and hand are some of it symptoms.
  • Deficiency of certain minerals such as magnesium and calcium may be a reason for twitching of fingers. Poor dietary intake of these nutrients is generally suspected to be a cause.
  • Dehydration resulting from excess loss of body fluids. It results in imbalance in electrolyte content in the body. It may cause twitching not only in fingers but also in other muscles of the body.
  • Twitching of fingers is also observed in people who drink excess tea and coffee and other caffeinated beverages.
  • People who are taking diuretics and corticosteroids may also suffer from muscle twitching.
  • Certain neurological conditions and other systemic diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis, Myopathy, Lou Gehrig’s disease have twitching of fingers as one symptom.

Home Remedies To Stop Finger Twitching

Finger twitching most of the time is not something very serious, and often gets cured of its own after a period of time.

  • A change in diet, food containing good amount of magnesium and calcium besides vitamin B complex certainly help in most cases of finger twitching. Green vegetables, spinach, peas, beans, seeds, and nuts are some of the important source of these nutrients.
  • Avoid taking coffee and tea, instead drink fruit juice, and drink plenty amount of water.
  • It is also important to give a break from work for few days if you are over-strained from your work. For example take few days leave and stay away from typing if that is your occupation.
  • Do your exercise regularly but do not overstress. After doing exercise, see that you drink lime juice which contains salt, sugar and water with 2 tsp of lime juice.
  • Homeopathic medicine such as zinc met is effective in spasm and twitches of fingers. It helps in absorption of magnesium. It soothes the nerves.
  • For more serious conditions such as Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis you have to take neurologist’s opinion.

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