Home Remedies and Stretching Exercise for Knee Pain

The knees are the most overworked parts of the body. Due to the constant pressure on the ligaments, muscles, cartilage and bones, knees are prone to injuries and pain.

Home Remedies for Knee Pain

  • Massage is a popular therapy for general types of body aches. The kneading motion of the fingers can help ease the pain from the knees.
    Often used with aromatherapy oils, massage can eliminate the tension from the muscles.
  • At the onset of pain, it is useful to remember the R-I-C-E method. It stands for resting the knee, placing ice on affected area, compression and keeping the leg elevated and relaxed.
  • Herbal remedies are likewise popular, including devil’s claw, cat’s claw and boswelia.
  • Obesity can take its toll on the lower extremities, with the extra weight putting more pressure in the knees. A good weight-loss program may hold the key to stop knee pain.

When to Avoid Natural Remedies for Knee Pain

There are risk factors that should be considered when dealing with knee pain because in some cases, natural remedies may not suffice for pain relief.

  • There are knee problems that are common in young people and there are problems that afflict older adults.
  • Gender is also a factor in certain knee injuries with girls being more prone to dislocated kneecap and boys tend to suffer from patellar tendonitis.
  • Level of physical activity can indicate if the person is putting on greater stress to the knees. Sports endeavors may result to pain and injuries.

Exercises for Knee Pain

  • Wall Slide – Stand with the back against the wall, slowly slide downwards keeping the back straight. Then return to standing position with hands on the wall.
  • Straight-Leg Raise – Sit on a chair with the foot resting on another chair. Lift the foot slowly and hold it for 10 seconds. Then, resume resting position.
  • Abductor Raise – Lie on one side, propped on one elbow, with leg on the floor bent while the other leg is straight. Lift the top leg and hold for five seconds. Using ankle weights can increase the intensity of this exercise.

Stretches for Knee Pain

  • Knee Flexion – While seated, tie an elastic band on your toes that are flat on the floor. Gently pull on the band to bend the knee until the foot is raised about 4 to 5 inches from the ground.
  • Hamstring Stretching – Assume standing position with one foot in front and toes up. With one hand holding a chair for support, bend the opposite knee and hips, keeping the back straight. Hold for 10 seconds, then release and return to starting position.

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