Exercise to Increase Hip Muscle Flexibility and Strength

There is a tendency for the different muscles located in the hip joint to be subjected to pressure and stress on a daily basis. To prevent soreness of muscles, regular exercise is the key element to having muscle strength and flexibility.

Increase Hip Flexibility with Simple Stretches

  • Start by standing up with legs apart, then slowly lean backwards.
    Don’t over-extend to the back and make sure to stretch with caution.
  • Assume the lunge position. Hold a ball and slowly raise it above the head, feeling the stretch on the hips.
  • Lie on the floor with the palms flat on the ground and raise the chest and stomach. Hold the position in five counts, then slowly resuming the original position.
  • Stand on one foot then grab the other foot. Pull the foot toward the buttocks gently to stretch the hips.
  • On a more advanced level, stretching the hips can be done efficiently when you sit on the floor with legs crossed. Push the knees gently toward the floor to increase flexibility.

Increase Hip Strength

  • Lie down with face and stomach facing the floor.
    Place the hands beneath the forehead in a clasped position. Stretch out the toes, keeping the knee straight. Slowly raise the leg from the ground while squeezing the buttocks. When leg is above ground for a few inches, hold the position for a couple of seconds and return to the original position.
  • Using a resistance band in stretching is another effective way to increase strength of the hips. Slip the band under the leg of a chair, and then put the other end on your leg. Keep the chair in place by holding it down. Pull the band backwards or sideways to feel the stretch.

Exercise To Increase Hip Muscle Strength and Flexibility

  • As with every exercise program, consult the doctor to get the best advice regarding the frequency of such routines and the condition of the hips.
  • Don’t forget to inhale and exhale for ample supply of oxygen to the bloodstream. It helps to remember that exercising can leave the body depleted of its energy source.
  • When lifting objects that are quite heavy, don’t put undue stress on the back and hips. Get support from the knees by slightly bending them while lifting the object.
  • For individuals who are required to spend 8-hour days behind the desk, move about every hour to do simple stretches of the arms, hips and neck.

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