Pain In Buttocks Causes And Treatment For Buttocks Muscle Pain

Pain in buttock as the name suggests is pain and soreness felt in the buttock area. Our buttocks or butts as many refer to, are made up of gluteus muscles. There are three gluteus muscles situated at the back of pelvis. These muscles support the body when you stand or when you walk.

They also help in various leg and trunk movements.

Buttock also consists of fat tissue that provide cushion while you are sitting. Many blood vessels and nerves pass thorough your butt area. Injury to any structures in and around the buttock area can give rise to pain in buttocks. Lack of physical exercise and sitting for long time, as it usually happens in sedentary jobs, compresses the soft tissue of buttocks.

Together with pain in buttocks there may be associated symptoms of the underlying disease. It may consist of restriction of leg and hip movement. The patient limps when he has pain in his buttocks. Pain can be of any sort, it can be aching, burning or throbbing depending on the underlying condition.

What Causes Pain In Buttocks Muscle?

There are several factors responsible for buttock pain. Some of the common ones are;

  • The first and common cause for buttock pain is a boil in the buttock area. Boils are common in butt area due to moisture and friction, especially in summer.
  • As mentioned earlier sitting for long duration can cause compression of the soft tissue and ligaments of buttocks, which may lead to numbness and pain in the buttocks.
  • Strenuous physical work without proper warm up may cause painful sprain and strain in the bottom area.
  • Sciatica is another major cause for pain in buttocks. Sciatica is inflammation of the sciatic nerve that passes through the buttocks.
  • Lumbar spondylosis can give rise to referred pain in buttocks.
  • Injury to pelvic bone, coccyx, hip joint, can also cause referred pain in buttocks.
  • An injection abscess though rare may also be one of the reasons for pain in buttocks.

Other conditions that may be responsible for buttock pain are:

  • Arthritis of hip joint.
  • ¬†Abscess near anal region.
  • Herpes in buttock area. It is a painful nerve disease caused by herpes vericella virus. Clusters of fluid filled boils erupt in the area of its affection which after some time dries and forms crusts.
  • Spinal canal stenosis.
  • Lastly cancer of pelvic bone.

Treatment For Pain In Buttocks

Since pain in buttocks is caused due to many underlying disorders; specific treatment aimed at treating the disorder will alleviate the symptom of buttock pain.

  • However, normal measures of treatment for buttock pain include rest, ice fomentation, warm fomentation, deep massage and non strenuous exercise such as aerobics.
  • Some of the natural remedies that may reduce pain in your butts include, applying hot water bag on the painful region. Applying poultice made of garlic and crushed Horseradish on the sore area alleviates the pain within few hours especially if it is sciatica pain. In case of sciatica pain, juice made from potato and celery have benefited many people. Eating raw garlic early in the morning with milk will help to relieve inflammation of sciatic nerve. Thus it will reduce pain in buttocks.
  • Deep massage therapy under the guidance of expert also corrects the soreness and relaxes the muscle stress caused as a result of over strain, wrong posture while sitting and sleeping etc. massage will help to alleviate the stiffness and pain the bottom.
  • To relieve fissure in anus, eat Psyllium husk at night. It facilitates smooth and soft bowel movement. Thus there is less pain in anus and buttocks.
  • In case of boils and abscess, incision and drainage may be the only solution for relieving the pain and soreness in the buttocks.
  • Certain alternative therapies especially acupuncture and acupressure is beneficial in relieving stresses muscles of the buttocks namely the gluteus muscles.
  • Correct your posture and avoid sitting for long time in one position. If at all you have to sit, take a break of half hour and walk for few minutes.

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