Pulled Tendon In Foot Natural Remedies: Preventing Tendon Injuries

Tendons are the link between the muscles and bones, tendons are tissues which attaches the muscles to the bone. There are many tendons in foot; anyone, or group of the tendons can get pulled due to overuse of the muscle. Pulled tendon in the foot and ankle mostly occurs in athletes due to overexertion of the muscles, as a consequence of strenuous physical exercise, it is therefore necessary to warm up before performing high impact exercising.

Pulled tendons in foot can also occur when your shoes do not fit properly or when you wear high heels or pointed shoes, which force your feet to mould in unnatural shapes.

Prevention Of Tendon Injuries In Foot And Leg

The pain is very severe when your foot tendon gets pulled; all your routine activities are restricted as a result of your pulled tendon. It is necessary for your foot and ankles to remain in good condition, because it holds your body weight and most of your routine activities involve foot action. Some tips will help to prevent tendon in foot being pulled.

  • When you get pain in your leg and foot, while you walk or jog or while you are exercising, just relax for some time and stop doing your exercise.
    Giving rest to that muscle and tendon will avoid the uncomfortable experience of pulled tendon.
  • It is necessary for you to perform warm up exercises, before you get engaged in strenuous athletic activities and exercise.
  • Wear shoes which are comfortable and those which do not have high arch.

Natural Remedies For Pulled Tendons In Foot And Ankle

Home remedies are beneficial in treating pulled tendon in leg and foot.

  • Apply ice fomentation when your leg and foot tendons get pulled. Take few cubes of ice in a plain piece of cloth, wrap it around the tendon or just apply it on the pulled muscle. It is the surest way to relive pain and swelling from pulled tendon.
  • You can also apply an elastocrepe bandage around the foot involved. It will restrict your foot movement and give rest to the affected tendon or torn ligament.
  • After some time, you can rotate your foot in circular motion gently if the pain is not severe. Take precaution not stretch to a point where it will again hurt you.
  • You can rub arnica cream; it is a homeopathic cream which is useful in relieving pain and swelling from pulled tendon in leg. You can also use the same cream for pulled tendon in foot.
  • It s beneficial to apply heat to the pulled tendons and muscles. Warm water bath reduces pain and helps to improve the circulation. It also relieves muscle spasm and stiffness in the tendon joint.
  • Massage therapy will also speed the healing of pulled tendon of leg.

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