Causes and Effective Treatment to Relieve Severe Neck Pain

Severe Neck Pain

  • Neck pains or cervicalgia are considered as common problems that patients experience at some point of their lives. But when the pain becomes severe it is usually associated with other problems that involve the muscles and the bones.

  • Though common causes of severe neck pains are attributed to problems in the muscles and bones, damage or problems in the nerves, vascular system, digestive system, and the airway passages can also cause these severe pains.

  • Often times, the severe pain in the neck extends and reaches the shoulders, arms, and the lower back area.

  • Severe neck pain can be treated and will ultimately go away within months. There are some conditions that become chronic especially when left untreated.

What Causes Severe Neck Pain

  • Trauma. Severe pain can be experienced especially when the neck is suddenly jarred due to accidents. Patients that have poor posture and those who lift heavy objects have high risks in injuring the neck area which can cause severe pain.

  • Strain in the Muscles. This happens when the muscles in the neck area are overused. Patients who sit for long hours and those who read books while lying down can have severe neck pains.

  • Compressed or Pinched Nerves. Slipped disks and bone spurs are major culprits that compress nerves which send severe pain to the neck area.

  • Meningitis and other Infections. This disease affects the brain and the spine which in turn creates a severe ache in the neck area that connects both body parts.

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis. One of the several symptoms of this disease includes mild to excruciating pain in the neck area.

  • Spinal Stenosis. A condition wherein the spinal canal slowly narrows in size.

  • Dissection of the Carotid Artery.

  • Cancer.

  • Physical and Emotional Stress

How to Relieve Severe Neck Pain

  • Application of hot or cold compress on the neck.

  • Physical Therapy. A doctor will recommend neck exercises together with joint mobilization and manipulation to help relieve the pain.

  • Medication. Medications that are usually prescribed include analgesics that help with the pain. Cyclobenzaprine is also given to help the muscles relax. Cortisone shots are also given especially if the neck pain is caused by arthritis or pinched nerves.

  • Use of neck collars can also help.

  • Antibiotics are used for severe neck pain that is caused by bacterial infections.

  • Surgery. This is done when the cause of the pain is due to cancer or other diseases and trauma that cause instability of the neck. This is also recommended when physical therapy does not work after some time.

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