How to Loosen Tight Neck Muscles and What are Its Causes?

Tight Neck Muscles

Tight neck muscles or neck tension occurs due to poor posture or stress which leads to severe unwanted symptoms like dizziness, pain, and headache. The most appropriate means to remedy this problem is determining the underlying cause and treating it. However, there are also measures and practices one can to do minimize its effects and limit its occurrences.

Daily activities are most of the time the cause of neck tightening and tension. This condition can be acute or chronic in nature. Pain in the neck and feeling of pulling can affect other related body areas like the upper back, shoulders and arms. Its symptoms include stiffness in the neck and sometimes severe pain and inability to move neck from side to side. At times, this can be accompanied by blackouts, dizziness, and noisy joints.

Tight Muscle Neck Muscles Causes

A number of factors can lead to the occurrence of neck muscle tightening.

  • Some medical problems can cause neck tension and tightness, which include osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, inflammation of the spinal disks, abscess, osteomyelitis, spondylosis, and cancer in the spine.

  • Muscle strain in the neck is another cause of tightening which occurs due to daily work and activities such as curving or leaning over a desk for a number of hours. Also, this can be caused by improper posture when lying or sitting. This happens when watching TV, reading or sleeping with the wrong position and maintained this for a long period of time.

  • A computer monitor that is too low or high for the vision can cause neck muscle tension when working with this for long hours.

  • This can also happen when a person pushes his neck too hard when doing exercises or other physical activities.

How to Loosen Tight Neck Muscles

Relief from tight neck muscles can be achieved through a number of methods:

  • Non-prescription pain medications can help ease the pain and muscle tension in the neck. These are effective in reducing tension pain in the neck.

  • Making of a neck collar is a means to provide oneself with a sort of relief from pain and neck tightening. Soft neck collar can bring support to the neck muscles and aid a person to gain a good posture to help in his recovery.

  • Some research proves that sleeping with no pillow and foam or cushion can ease pain and neck tightness.

  • Application of cold or hot compress in the affected area for five minutes can also bring relief.

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