Symptoms of Torn and Strained Back Muscle with Treatments

Torn Back Muscle

A Torn Back Muscle or a Back Strain refers to an injury sustained by the back muscle. It most often occurs in the lower back and is known as a Low Back Strain. This is a very common injury and in the US is the second most common cause of missed days of work.

Despite being a common issue, most of the people who experience this problem manage to fully recover within a month since the injury.

Treating the strain is going to involve rest and medication that may help with the pain and muscle spasms. Prevention is also key when dealing with this problem. There are several grades of muscle tear and it can range from a pulled muscle to a complete tear.

Risk factors for developing a back strain include.

  • Obesity
  • Lack of exercise.
  • Poor muscle conditioning.
  • Improper mechanics at work.

Torn Back Muscle Symptoms

Most back sprain injuries occur in the lower back region. The symptoms experienced by patients can include:

  • Back Pain. This may be so severe that patients are forced to stay in bed for a day or two.
    Intermittent attacks may also occur during recovery. The pain may also be sudden, but for the most part, it can come on gradually.
  • Muscle Spasms. These can occur as the affected muscles stiffen to prevent further injuries.
  • Inflammation. This can trigger further muscle spasms and may cause more problems for the patient. It also adds to the pain.

Torn Back Muscle Treatments

Rest is going to be the main way to treat a Back Strain. While the strain is healing, patients will want to deal with the symptoms that can accompany it. Possible treatments include

  • Pain Medication
  • Muscle Relaxants
  • Corticosteroids or Anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Cold Compress. This will involve applying ice packs on the injured site. This helps to numb the pain and it will also be helpful during first aid care for the problem.
  • Heat Compress. This is not provided during active inflammation, instead it is provided when the initial inflammation has gone down. This works by increasing the blood flow to the injured area and will help relax muscle spasms.

Most strains are mild to moderate. In the case of a severe tear, it may be necessary to treat the condition with surgery.


How quickly a patient recovers is going to depend on the extent of the damage endured. Pulled muscles can heal in two weeks while more serious cases can last longer. For the most part a back strain can take a month or two to recover from the injury.

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