What Are The Dangers Of Using And Swallowing Mouthwash?

The warmth of a smile cannot be measured by anyone, but the pearly whites peeping out when you laugh can tell tale how good oral hygiene you maintain. Use of mouthwash for maintaining oral hygiene has become trend of the day. There are two reasons for which mouthwash is used by many.

One is to keep the breath fresh and odor free, while the other is to prevent and fight built up of bacterial plaque.

Often mouth rinse becomes a substitute to toothpaste. People have become lazy to brush their teeth; instead they swish their mouth with mouthwash to kill the lingering germs in oral cavity. Some persons even swallow it. Mouthwash has been propagated by manufacturers as safe product for good oral health. Many different studies have revealed lot of dangers of its use which may be a concern for overall health.

What Are The Dangers Of Using Mouthwash?

Studies by some researchers have found a link between mouthwash and oral cancer.

Many mouthwash products contain one of its substances as alcohol, besides many other chemicals. Keeping mouthwash for long duration containing alcohol can injure the mouth lining. It increases the risk of developing oral cancer. Acetaldehyde, a chemical in alcohol is believed to be a carcinogen. The chemical can accumulate in oral cavity with regular rinsing, leading to an increased risk of oral cancer.

Besides some mouth wash also contain an antibacterial agent called chlorhexidine. It has been used to treat gum problems such as gingivitis and other teeth related diseases. Use of chlorhexidine according to some studies done by researchers reveal increased blood pressure level. The useful bacteria convert a chemical which acts upon blood vessel and helps to maintain its elasticity.
Some researchers have found a rise of blood pressure level with use of chlorhexidine. However, this does not mean that a person should skip using mouthwash, but precaution has to be taken according to the necessity of oral hygiene and this can only be recommended by the oral care hygienist. So before taking any mouthwash products on your own, consult your dentist.

Harmful Effects Of Swallowing Mouthwash

Aside from the above mentioned dangers of swishing mouthwash, there are many other dangers when mouthwash is swallowed. It is usually unintentional. However, depending on the quantity and substance there are many associated risks involved. They include gastrointestinal problems such as nausea, oral burns, burning in stomach etc. It especially occurs when alcohol is present in mouthwash.
If some mouthwash contains methyl alcohol, there is risk of blindness if consumed. Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea can lead to dehydration and patient may need intravenous fluid and electrolyte supplementation.

Certain brands also contain hydrogen peroxide. Swallowing it orally can lead to irritation of the internal lining of stomach. It may also cause soreness in throat. Sometimes swallowing in large amount can lead to sleepiness.

Other health issues such as rapid heart rate, difficulty while breathing, or slurred speech are other major consequences of swallowing mouthwash.
The risk of swallowing mouthwash among children is far greater. Therefore it is essential to prevent such event to happen by taking necessary precautions. Keep the mouthwash in a place which is not accessible to children. If you notice the child has swallowed it, immediately take him to the emergency room.

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