What Is The Cause Of A Green Tongue? Symptoms And Treatment

The tongue’s normal color is reddish pink and, the normal texture is smooth and a little velvety. When you have sores or some kind of infection of the tongue, the color, texture and appearance alter significantly.

  • The velvety, smooth appearance of the tongue is because of the tiny papillae, – the filiform papillae on the tongue.
    These shed at a periodic interval of time. Conversely, in case the papillae grow, but do not shed, then they appear as long hairy strands on the surface of tongue. These strands get stained as a consequence to any kind of contamination or due to bacterial multiplication, thus giving the tongue a green color.
  • The precise cause of this condition is not yet known, though using too much mouthwash, ceaseless smoking, and poor dental care are important factors.
  • Certain mouthwashes and toothpastes have dyes or ingredients that may render the tongue a greenish tinge.
  • Oral thrush is a commonly seen cause for green tongue. It is a fungal infection caused by Candida albicans.
    Usually, it is an opportunistic infection in those having a compromised immune mechanism. It is also seen in those who wear an ill-fitting denture over a protracted interval of time. Initially, the tongue appears white. However, after eating and with the use of antibiotics, the tongue turns green.
  • Sometimes, when you have an infection of the respiratory tract, a green tongue may be an accompanying feature.
  • Taking long term antibiotics for some kind of infection in the body also results in a green tongue.
  • Having candy with green dye in it, may lead to a green colored tongue, albeit it will be an otherwise asymptomatic and temporary condition.
  • Occasionally, you may notice green discoloration after you have pierced your tongue too. This is due to an infection post the piercing.
  • Experts also state that, a fissured tongue makes the maintenance of oral hygiene difficult, consequently there occurs an infection and discoloration of the tongue.

Symptoms Of Green Tongue

  • The tongue turns greenish-brown. The texture and appearance of the tongue gets altered. Occasionally, the green discoloration is removable, and this reveals a raw, red bleeding tongue below.
  • An associated burning sensation on the tongue, offensive breath, general malaise, and pain on eating spicy food are related features of a green tongue.
  • Bad breath and metallic taste in mouth are associated features as well, and they help make a correct diagnosis of the exact underlying condition.

How To Get Rid Of Green Tongue?

In order to treat a green tongue, first you need to understand the precise cause / underlying condition. Once that is established, treatment is simple.

  • In case of oral thrush, the treatment comprises of effectively dealing with the infection, by topically applying an anti-fungal medication. If the infection does not resolve in a week, your health care provider will prescribe oral anti-fungal drugs. Alongside, you need to follow a good diet and drink plenty of water.
  • If your health care provider states that your cause is undue smoking, you need to quit. It may seem difficult and impossible, but nicotine patches as well as counseling promise successful results.
  • Maintain strict oral hygiene; brush twice daily and floss once. However, steer clear of mouthwashes. Lime and turmeric powder is a very effective natural mouthwash.

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