What Causes Ridges On Your Teeth? How To Get Rid Of It Naturally?

Our teeth develop in a particular pattern and grow in the form of grooves or lobes on the teeth. As the teeth proceed to grow and take shape, these lobes or groves may remain on the surface of the teeth. These are typically referred to as ‘mammelon’ and eventually fade away as the age advances.

In some individuals, these ridges may appear more pronounced making the teeth less attractive with sharp edges.

Our teeth comprise of bone tissue, which is covered by enamel. Ridges on teeth are usually common among children and are considered to be remnants of the developmental process. However there are certain conditions which may make the ridges on the teeth more apparent than others,

  • Gastric juices contain different types of acids including carbonic acid. These acids react with the enamel of the tooth and can cause ridges on the teeth. Individuals with gastric disorders like GERD or constipation can have ridges on the teeth.
  • Ridges on teeth are common in individuals with lung disease or respiratory disorders. The enamel reacts with sulphureted hydrogen from the lungs, which can cause ridging of teeth.
  • In some cases, children of people suffering from endocrinal disorders like goiter can also have ridged teeth.
  • Mal-alignment of teeth or gaps in teeth may cause the ridges to become more apparent among children.
  • Childhood illnesses like measles, scarlet fever and chicken pox can also trigger chances in the oral pH environment, increasing the chances of formation of ridges.
  • Poor dental or oral hygiene may contribute to poor dental health, resulting in ridges on the teeth.

How To Get Rid Of The Ridges On Your Teeth?

In most cases, ridges on the teeth are part of the developmental process and would disappear eventually. However in some cases they may be indicative of an underlying ailment. Here are some natural tips and home remedies to get rid of ridges on teeth,

  • Maintaining oral hygiene and being aware of correct pattern of brushing the teeth is important. Faulty pattern of teeth brushing can harm the enamel and aggravate the appearance of ridges on teeth. While brushing teeth, ensure that you stroke the brush from the gums downward towards the edges of the teeth, rather than brushing sideways.
  • Ensure that you use fluoride fortified tooth paste. Fluoride is important for bone health, especially teeth.
  • Regularly gargling with salt water is helpful in improving the pH of the oral cavity. This helps in the elimination of bacteria and restores the alkaline oral environment, which protects the teeth from acid reaction with the enamel and leading to formation of ridges.
  • Avoid breathing through the mouth. This increases the risk of changing the oral pH and also allows entry of bacteria, which may affect dental health in general.
  • Homeopathic drug Calcarea Flour is very beneficial in strengthening the teeth and also has a protective effect on the enamel of the teeth. Kreosote is another remedy which can be useful. These remedies need to be taken only on consultation with a qualified homeopathic doctor.

Treatment of the underlying ailment is very vital in the management of dental ridges. Regular dental checkups can help in early diagnosis and treatment. In case the condition has cosmetic implications, it can be useful to consult your dentist regarding cosmetic makeovers.

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