Home Remedies For Salt Bumps On Tongue: Causes And Symptoms

Salt bumps on tongue are not uncommon. Everyone sometime or the other in their life may have experienced them for a brief period. As the name suggests salt bumps on tongue are white or red bumps caused due to inflammation of the fungi-form papillae on the surface of tongue. They are also called lie bumps; however there is no relation between lie bumps and telling lie or hiding truth.

A more difficult medical terminology for salt bump is transient lingual papillitis. Although salt bumps are not serious or dangerous to health, they are irritating and discomforting for the person as they are painful while eating and chewing food.

The exact cause is not known, but medical fraternity believe it is caused due to number of reasons such as too much scraping of tongue, trauma to the tongue, nutritional deficiency, poor oral hygiene etc. The tiny bumps on tongue are not contagious and it can develop in any individual. Salt bumps heal within few days or a week, however you can get rid of pain and discomfort quickly with home remedies.

What Causes Salt Bumps On Your Tongue?

Slat bumps result due to inflammatory changes that occur in tiny papillae that are present on the surface of tongue.

There is no etiological factor known for its occurrence. However, following are the possible triggers that are suspected to cause this discomforting condition.

  • Too much of tongue scrapping while cleaning the tongue.
  • Trauma on the edges of tongue due to improper fitting dentures or sharp teeth.
  • Eating hot food or drinking hot tea and coffee may burn the surface of tongue and the oral mucosa.
  • Vitamin B complex deficiency is believed to be a contributory factor.
  • Eating too much of spicy and acidic food.
  • Psychological stress.
  • Hormonal changes during menses and pregnancy.
  • Accidental biting of tongue.
  • Food allergy.

Symptoms Of Salt Bumps On Tongue

Salt bumps are inflammation of the fungi-form papillae on the surface of tongue in which the taste buds reside. This condition is transient, which means it remains for few days before healing on its own. However, during its presence it can cause discomfort for the patient while eating and chewing as they are painful.

There may be large number of tiny bumps on tongue at a time. They are called as salt bumps because of their appearance similar to salt grains. Pain may persist for several days and may aggravate if the papillae are further irritated.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Salt Bumps On Tongue

Salt bumps or lingual papillitis is not serious condition, except for the pain and discomfort it produces. The condition is self healing. The symptoms subside within few days of its appearance. However, there are home remedies that may help to alleviate the symptoms and enhance the healing process.

  • One of the time tested remedy for salt bumps on tongue is cold compresses. Eat vanilla ice cream. The coldness of ice cream will soothe and numb irritation on the surface of tongue.
  • Rinse your mouth with salt water. Salt has mild antiseptic properties which help to reduce irritation and prevent growth of organisms on the surface of tongue. Dissolve a pinch of salt in a glass of warm water. Rinse your mouth with it two to three times in a day.
  • If you are diabetic avoid eating ice cream. Instead you can suck an ice cube to numb the affected area of the tongue.
  • Chew few mint leaves as it has ability to numb pain and irritation caused due to salt bumps.
  • Drink enough water throughout the day to keep the mouth moist. Dryness in mouth will increase pain and irritation of salt bumps.
  • Avoid scrubbing your tongue with tongue cleaner when you have salt bumps. It aggravates the condition and increases pain.
  • Avoid spicy and acidic foods as both increase pain and prolong healing period.
  • Eat green vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin B as its deficiency is suspected to trigger salt bumps.
  • Lastly maintain good oral hygiene to prevent growth of bacteria in the oral cavity.