Abortion Emotional Side Effects: Post Abortion Syndrome In Teenagers

Abortions are associated with serious implications on mental health of the women. The Supreme Court in United States ruled against providing adequate information to women undergoing abortion in 1985 as it may confuse her and increase her anxiety levels. This ruling however overlooked the fact of the implication on the emotional turmoil that the parent would go through after the abortion

As per a survey conducted in America by the Centre for Disease Control, about 75% of females who undergo abortion are between the age group of 15 to 24 years and about 73% of them don’t have any children. Abortion among teenagers is a leading problem and is associated with mental and physical side effects on overall health.

Side Effects Of Abortion In Teenagers

As per the Centre for Disease Control study, about 42% of all abortions in the United States are among teenagers. The lack of understanding and knowledge about the health consequences of abortion is one of the primary causes of high rate of abortion among this age group.

As per Researchers, one of the leading side effects of abortion is Post Abortion Syndrome.

Some of the symptoms associated with Post Abortion Syndrome include,

  • Increased risk of drug or alcohol abuse
  • Damaged self esteem which in turn may be associated with personal relationship disorder
  • Sexual dysfunction may be observed among some of the women
  • Women may suffer from communication difficulty and may be prone to even commit suicide
  • Abortions may inculcate a fear of having children and be prone to undergo repeated abortions
  • In addition, abortion at an early age, especially using the dilatation and curettage technique is known to result in fibrosis within the uterus, referred to as the Asherman’s Syndrome.
    This limits the ability of the female to conceive in future

Emotional Side Effects Of Abortion

Emotional side effects following an abortion are most common. As per another study, researchers found that about 44% of females complain of nervous disorders, 36% experienced sleep disturbance and about 11% were prescribed psychotropic drugs to alleviate their mental strain.

Emotional side effects may also result in drug and alcohol abuse along with eating disorders like anorexia nervosa. Studies have shown that about 60% of women think about conducting suicide after an abortion while about 28% actually attempt a suicide.

The implication of abortion on the mental health of the female is several. The various mental side effects of undergoing an abortion include,

  • Feeling of guilt especially towards the unborn child is one of the most commonly observed side effect. As per a  Los Angeles Times survey in 1989, about 56% of the females felt guilty for conducting an abortion
  • Guilt may further result in depression, loss of interest in hobbies, loathing and self pity
  • Other features include inability to face others and desire for solitude. Often this may result in problems with personal relationships and their ability to interact with others.

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