What Causes Dry Lips During Pregnancy and How to Treat it?

Pregnancy brings lot of joy and enjoyment in a woman. However, there are many discomforting symptoms a pregnant woman has to face during pregnancy. The good news is that the symptoms improve after the baby is born. Most of these symptoms are associated with hormonal changes and altered metabolic activities in the body after conception.

Backaches, abnormal food craving, stretch marks, heartburn, frequent urination etc, are some of the problems that are normally experienced by a pregnant woman. Aside from the above problems, many women complain of dry skin as well as dry lips and mouth. The severity of dryness varies from one woman to another. It can be mild, moderate or severe. Dry lips are often painful, especially when they are chapped and fissured. The condition becomes aggravated during winter season.

Causes for Dry Lips during Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings about many body changes in a woman. Most of them are due to increased hormonal level and metabolic activities in a pregnant woman.

Some women may experience dry lips and dry skin due to slow down of oil secretion and loss of elasticity. Dehydration is another important cause for dry lips due to increased metabolic activity in the body of a pregnant woman. Since the body starts storing increased amount of water to raise the blood volume during pregnancy, it dehydrates the skin surface. Besides, frequent urination can lead to fluid loss. Winter months are harsh for a pregnant woman, especially for her lips as they tend to crack and parch more than a normal woman. Frequent licking can also cause dryness of lips.

How to Treat Lip Drying during Pregnancy?

A dry lip during pregnancy is not a serious condition. In most cases it can be cured with simple home solutions. However, there is one condition known as gestational diabetes, meaning diabetes occurring during pregnancy. When a woman has dry lips together with gestational diabetes it is necessary to consult a physician.

Some of the effective home remedies for dry lips during pregnancy are:

  • Keep your body well hydrated. For this you will have to drink enough water and fluid.
  • Apply coconut oil to your lips. Coconut oil is safe during pregnancy. The oil keeps your lips moist and heals parched lips within few days.
  • Rub cucumber slice on the dry lips as often as you can. Cucumber hydrates the dry lip skin and keeps it moist. It also helps to reduce pain caused due to dryness.
  • Another important home remedy for dry lips is applying milk cream. Apply it two times in a day to prevent and cure dry lips.
  • Aloe vera gel is another important natural remedy for dry lips during pregnancy. ¬†Apply fresh aloe vera gel extracted by cutting aloe leaf or purchase aloe vera gel available in medical stores. Aloe vera gel retains the moisture and keeps the lips moist.
  • Do not use cheap lipsticks and prevent further dryness.
  • You can also apply castor oil on the lips to keep them moist and smooth during pregnancy.
  • ¬†During winter months extra precaution has to be taken to prevent dryness of lips. First of all exfoliate the dry and rough lip surface with a moist cloth by gently rubbing. While exfoliating it is necessary not to pick the dry dead skin from the lips as it will start bleeding. Now apply Vaseline or coconut oil to keep the lips well moisturized.
  • Consume foods rich in vitamin A, C, and B such as green leafy vegetables, carrots, beets, spinach, milk, fruits and fruit juices, tomatoes, whole grains and legumes. All the essential nutrients are required to keep your body well nourished during pregnancy.

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