Causes of Hot Flashes In Early Pregnancy and What are the Symptoms

Hot Flashes in Early Pregnancy

  • A patient experiencing hot flashes will feel sudden spikes in temperature, especially in certain areas such as the head, chest, and neck.
  • Hot flashes during early pregnancy? Is that possible? Isn’t that associated with menopause? Well, in truth, hot flashes do occur in some women during the early stages of pregnancy.
    Still, many women do not even experience this problem throughout their pregnancy.
  • It is considered a normal occurrence and does not mean that the mother or the child is in any kind of danger.
  • There are some possible reasons why hot flashes occur but these would vary among patients.
  • The most important thing is relieving the symptoms.

What Causes Hot Flashes in Early Pregnancy

  • During the earliest stages of pregnancy, the woman’s body is adjusting and preparing for the baby. Thus, certain hormones might spike up while others rapidly decline. These sudden changes can cause the hot flashes to occur.
  • It is also possible that the hot flashes are triggered by emotional response, especially if the mother is subjected to stressful or frightening experiences.
  • Another reason for hot flashes is that the patient might have been subjected to hot spicy food or extremely hot weather. This also holds true to bathing in hot water and drinking hot beverages.

Can You Get Hot Flashes in Early Pregnancy?

  • Yes, as stated above, it is really possible for a woman to experience hot flashes during early pregnancy.
  • Although the exact mechanisms why this happens are not yet fully determined, it is thought that the fluctuations in the hormones and certain chemicals in the body cause the hot flashes.
  • To relieve the symptoms of hot flashes, the patient should try to avoid extreme weather conditions and to stay indoors.
  • Wearing of clothing made from cotton and other breathable materials is also a good idea.

Hot Flashes in Early Pregnancy Symptoms

The following are possible symptoms of hot flashes in pregnant women:

  • Sudden onset of a feeling of overall heat. Oftentimes, the heat will be higher at certain areas – such as the head, neck, and chest area.
  • It can be accompanied by headache, dizziness, heart palpitations, and shortness of breath.
  • The patient may also want to drink more fluids, especially because she feels hot.
  • Still, the symptoms are mild and should not be confused with fever and other serious problems.

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