Round Ligament Pain During Pregnancy: Its Causes And Remedies

Round ligament pain the most common causes of abdominal pain especially during pregnancy. While round ligament pain is associated with normal physiological changes taking place in the body during pregnancy, it is very important to differentiate between round ligament pain and other forms of abdominal pain during pregnancy.

Round ligament pain is associated with stretching of the round ligaments during pregnancy, which result in pelvic pain.

This pain is more frequently observed on one side. This article will provide information about round ligament and the pain associated with round ligament during pregnancy.

The uterus is the small and surrounded by thick ligaments. One of these ligaments is called the round ligament which holds the uterus in its position within the abdomen. During pregnancy as the uterus grows in size and weight, this ligament is stretched and becomes long and thin.

This pull on the ligament is also associated with pull of nerves and other sensitive structures around the ligament, which results in pain. While the pain is uncomfortable and concerning, it is relatively normal condition.

What Causes Round Ligament Pain In Pregnancy?

While the stretching of the round ligament and pressure on the surrounding tissue is the primary cause of pain, there are certain specific actions or factors that may aggravate the pain,

  • As pregnancy advances, the baby begins to kick and move. Towards the end of the pregnancy, the movement of the baby increases which can result in increasing pain due to stretching.
  • Sudden spasms or contractions can also trigger pain. These pains are more frequently observed on the right side as compared to the left side, due to the tendency of the uterus to move to the right side.
  • Slightest exercise or exertion can also result in severe pain during pregnancy.
  • Rolling around at night can also be associated with pain.

Relieving Round Ligament Pain During Pregnancy

It is important to get yourself evaluated by your gynecologist, in order to confirm the cause associated with the abdominal pain. While round ligament pain is relatively common during pregnancy, there can be a host of other factors that may be responsible for abdominal pain. In case the pain is associated with pulling of the round ligament, here are simple tips to relive the pain,

  • Try simple pain killers after consulting your doctor, to relive the pain.
  • Simple pelvic exercises may be beneficial. These exercises help strengthen the abdominal muscles and also ease labor. As the pelvic muscles get stronger, the pain would naturally reduce. It is advisable to practice these exercises only in the presence of a trained professional.
  • Change your position frequently. It is possible that certain positions may result in undue stress on the abdomen, which in turn can result in pain.
  • It is important to avoid strenuous activities that may tend to worsen the condition. Rest is very important.
  • Abdominal support can be used to support the abdomen. These abdominal supports help reduce strain on the round ligament and thereby help in reducing pain associated with pregnancy.
  • Finally, ensure that your diet is healthy. Ensure that you consume adequate amount of nutrients or nutritional supplements. Calcium deficiency or iron deficiency during pregnancy can also result in increased sensitivity to pain.

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