What are the Effective Remedies for Sinus Infection While Pregnant

Sinus Infection While Pregnant

A sinus infection can make a patient feel miserable. Normally it will be treated with over the counter medications with no problem. Pregnant women, however, need to be careful about what they take as certain drugs can have a teratogenic effect on the fetus.

Before taking any medication, pregnant women must work closely with their healthcare provider to determine a treatment plan that is safe for the embryo.

Some expected treatments and medications include:

  • Pain relievers

  • Antipyretics, these can help bring down the fever brought on by the infection.

  • Decongestants

  • Antihistamines, these can help relieve the allergic symptoms.

  • Antibiotics, certain antibacterial drugs are safe to use for pregnant women.

Sinus Infection While Pregnant Remedies

When a sinus infection is caused by a bacterial agent, it may become necessary for a woman to start taking antibiotics. To prevent any problems, the patients must:

  • Inform her doctor that she is pregnant. There are many antibacterial medications which will not harm the developing fetus.

  • Take the medication as prescribed, do not increase or reduce the dosage without advice from the doctor.

  • Ask about the possible side effects of the drug and report any unexpected effects as soon as possible.

It is also important to be discriminate with taking herbal and ‘natural’ remedies. Some of these can still be dangerous to the developing baby.

Some home remedies that can help relieve the symptoms of a sinus infection include:

  • Use a humidifier, this can help loosen phlegm and open airways.

  • Steam inhalation. The steam from tepid or hot (not boiling) water infused with herbs such as mint or ginger can be inhaled to help relieve congestion.

  • Sleep with the back slightly elevated, this helps with the drainage of fluids from the lungs.

  • Increase water intake, more than 8 glasses a day if possible.

  • Hot and cold compresses can help relieve the pain and congestion.

  • Get enough rest.


Preventing a nasal or sinus infection is much better than trying to treat it. There are a number of ways to do this, which include:

  • Keep fit with a balanced diet, full of fresh vegetables and fruits.

  • Take the recommended prenatal vitamins and mineral supplements.

  • Get enough sleep and rest.

  • Avoid exposure to sick people.

  • Practice regular hand washing. Avoid touching the eyes, mouth, and nose without washing hands first.

  • Get enough exercise, pregnant women can still do exercise. There are cardio and weight training routines which have been specifically designed for them.

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