What Causes Smelly Discharge During Pregnancy and Is It Normal?

Smelly Discharge during Pregnancy

During certain periods of the life of a woman, there is a significant rise and fall of hormones causing the woman’s body to undergo a lot of extreme changes. Pregnant women experience these changes more rapidly and in some cases increase of the blood circulation in the pelvic area occurs.

As a result, increase in the amount and frequency of vaginal discharge is present in pregnant women.

Some women notice a little change on the color, consistency, and the appearance of the discharge, and sometimes it becomes smelly. According to studies, more than 65% of women in the childbearing age are affected with this condition. And those who experience this deal with uneasiness and anxiety which affect their everyday life, including sexual activity and work.

Is Smelly Discharge During Pregnancy Normal?

A healthy vagina has discharges that are clear and have no odor. Although slight changes with the discharge is not something to be alarmed about, it is very important to assess a woman of childbearing age who is suffering from a smelly discharge as this may result to more complication to the pregnancy.

A smelly discharge signifies an infection in the vagina and should be taken seriously. These infections may harm the fetus inside the womb if the problem will not be addressed immediately.

Causes of Smelly Discharge during Pregnancy

There are certain types of vaginal infection and other conditions which may result to a smelly discharge during pregnancy.

  • The bacterial vaginosis is a type of vaginal infection caused by an alteration on the normal flora of the vagina. A human body contains microorganisms that prevent the incidence of an infection by preventing the increase of the harmful bacteria which are also normally present. The alteration can be caused by excessive washing of the vagina, hormonal changes, and taking antibiotics that kill both the harmful and the beneficial bacteria.
  • Another type of vaginal infection is the yeast infection which is caused by the abnormal growth of Candida albicans. This condition is termed as candidiasis. During pregnancy, there is an increase in the level of the estrogen hormone which allows the growth of fungi.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases can be acquired easily because the pregnant woman’s immune system is compromised resulting to high susceptibility to several infections.
  • A sweet odor of a vaginal discharge signifies a leakage of the amniotic fluid. This is harmful for the fetus because the amniotic fluid serves as protection for the fetus inside the mother’s womb.

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