Is Sore Gums a Sign of Pregnancy and Its Treatment for Bleeding Gums

Pregnancy brings about a host of hormonal as well as many other changes in the body. Thus, it is but natural for pregnant women to be more prone to having new ailments and conditions compared to their pre-pregnancy days.

Sore Gums during Pregnancy

  • One of the problems that pregnant women have to deal with is sore gums during their pregnancy.
  • In fact, more than 50% of pregnant women have experienced sore gums and gingivitis.
  • It is important to understand that although sore gums may not be a life threatening condition, it can lead to periodontal disease. This periodontal disease can actually cause preterm labor – something that all mothers hope they won’t ever experience.
  • Morning sickness also contributes to sore gums at times. There are women who feel averse to the smell or taste of toothpaste so that they may have problems with oral hygiene. Also, frequent vomiting can bring harsh stomach acids to the mouth, causing sore gums.

Is Sore Gums Sign of Pregnancy?

  • No!
  • Although having sore gums is experienced by more than 50% of pregnant women, having this condition does not necessarily mean that a woman is pregnant.
    Thus, as it is, it should not be used to indicate pregnancy. Of course, this will not mean that a pregnant woman will not experience this anymore.
  • Always, symptoms of pregnancy vary in women. Also, some women, especially those who are actively trying to get pregnant, would want to consider every single possible symptom that could indicate they are pregnant. Thus, it is best to remember that sore gums should definitely not be used as a sign of pregnancy.
  • Yes, it could possibly be a sign of pregnancy but, no, it should not be used as sole reason for thinking there is a pregnancy.

Bleeding Gums Pregnancy Treatments

  • Because bleeding gums could possibly lead to preterm labor, it is important to find treatments as soon as possible.
  • Well, there are a number of possible treatments that can be used for bleeding gums.
  • One option is to use special toothpaste specifically medicated to treat bleeding, sore gums.
  • Add vitamin C into the diet. This will help strengthen the gums.
  • Try to brush at least 2 times a day, no matter if there is an aversion against toothpaste. If this is not possible at all, chew sugarless gum or eat a small chunk of cheese.

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