Simple Ways to Open and Prevent Clogged Pores on Back

You may have heard about pimples on face; however pimples can also occur on your back and on your chest. Pimples and acne are result of clogged skin pores. The fact is pimples and acne on back are as common as pimples on face. Despite this, people rarely complain about the condition.

The only benefit of clogged pores on back and the pimple arising due to it is people do not know that you have it unless you remove your shirt.

There are tiny pores all over the skin. These pores are useful to keep your skin moist. They also preserve health of your skin. It all happens as a result of secretion of oil or sebum from the pores. Pores on your back get clogged when the sweat along with excess of oil and grime gets accumulated in it. To avoid such a state, you have to take bath right after you do a heavy sweating.

It is beneficial to take a mud mask at least once in a week to get rid of dirt and debris out of the clogged pores if you have tendency of clogged pores on your back. Dead skin cells, sweat, excess of oil, and dirt all get accumulated in the pores on your back. It makes a breeding ground for the bacteria which cause pimples and acne. To prevent blocked pores on back do not sprinkle talcum powder on your back which many people have the habit of sprinkling. Try to keep the pores clean and clear.  Wear loose clothes and stay away from wearing tight fitting clothes. Tight clothes are frequently the cause for clogged pores on back. Instead wear cotton clothes which allow free movement of air and gives a chance for your skin to breathe. To remove clogged pores dab your skin with lemon juice. It reduces excess of oil production on the skin and also acts as an antiseptic solution. A mask prepared from oatmeal and egg white is also useful in clearing the clogged pores.

Simple Ways to Open Pores on Back

One of the problems as people grow is of open and enlarged skin pores. Although they are more visible on face as it is exposed, open pores on back are as common as they are on face. Open pores make your skin look rough. Often, poor hygienic practices and habits are blamed for open pores; heredity is also believed to play its role. It is not possible to close the open pores however you can minimize its size and appearance. Open pores on back are vulnerable for accumulation of dirt and grime because of sweat and excess of oil production. It becomes a favored place for bacteria to breed and cause acne. To minimize the size of open pores on back you can apply a paste of tomato juice mixed with honey. Rinse it after 10 minutes. Simple way is to wash your back regularly with warm water to remove the dirt and sweat. Rub an ice cube on your back to reduce the open pores.

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