Symptoms Of Cylindroma Of Skin: Causes And Treatment Options

Cylindroma of the skin is a benign tumor which manifests as papules or nodules. It is a slow-growing tumor and is seen in older adults. Characteristically, it usually develops in the head and neck region. Cylindromas are rare benign tumors arising chiefly on the scalp. They are commoner in women. The tumors are pinkish, firm, nodular, and generally painless, and may be a few millimeters to more than 6 centimeters in diameter.

The exact cause is unknown; nonetheless, some are linked to Brooke-Spiegler syndrome which is a genetic disorder associated with cutaneous tumors. The prognosis for Cylindroma of Skin is excellent with the correct treatment. On the other hand, in some cases, a cylindroma may change into a malignant lesion.

What Causes Cylindroma Of Skin?

  • Cylindroma of the skin is a rather rare disorder which affects older individuals. Both males and females are afflicted in equivalent frequency. On the other hand, some studies and clinical trials show a greater predilection for females. Individuals of all racial and ethnic background are known to be afflicted.
  • By and large, in most cases, no risk factors have been detected for cylindroma of the skin.
  • Brooke Spiegler syndrome has been linked to cylindroma. The Brooke-Spiegler syndrome is a genetic condition that is inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern, and which is known to give rise to a host of benign and malignant tumors.
  • Nevus sebaceus has also been associated with cylindroma; it is a skin ailment that develops as a congenital malformation.
  • The precise cause and etiological factors for the development of cylindroma of the skin is unknown yet.
  • Studies and research show that it may develop due to genetic mutations. Research is being done to recognize and classify the significant causal factors.

Signs And Symptoms Of Cylindroma Of Skin

The signs and symptoms of cylindroma include:

  • Cylindroma of the skin usually manifests as a single nodule on the skin; hardly ever, multiple tumor masses are known to form. The nodule develops primarily on the neck and scalp region, around the ears.
  • It is a slow growing tumor mass which ranges from 1 to 15 cm; some are known to grow to comparatively large sizes as well.
  • When large tumors form on the scalp, the condition is known as ‘Turban Tumor’ because of its typical appearance.
  • Usually, the nodules are painless and non itchy.
  • Some nodules may be pigmented.

Treatment Options For Cylindroma Of Skin

The treatment regimen of cylindroma of skin comprises of:

  • Your doctor will advise a complete surgical excision of the nodule, which brings about cure. The tumor must be removed, given that there is a singular possibility that some could change into malignant tumors.
  • The underlying disorder, if any, must be dealt with correctly as well.
  • Periodic follow-up care with regular screening and check-ups are very vital and must be followed diligently.
  • The prognosis for cylindroma is good with the correct treatment, in view of the fact that it is a benign tumor.
  • In case any malignant changes in the nodule are observed, the tumor is excised promptly to thwart adverse health issues. Prognosis is excellent with timely diagnosis and proper treatment.
  • The prognosis of the case also depends upon Brooke Spiegler syndrome (in case present) and its intensity.