What Causes Dark Skin In Pubic Area: How To Get Rid Of Dark Skin?

There are several reasons why the pubic area tends to turn dark, even though the skin is rather fair. Excessive perspiration, using strong deodorants, and removing the pubic hair with a razor or hair removing solutions are significant causes for the pubic area turning dark. There are a few effective home remedies to lighten the pubic area.

Fungal infection is an extremely common cause for darkening of the pubic area, especially for those who live in tropical climate and sweat profusely. This, along with tight clothing and wearing of non breathing fabrics, results in infection and over a period of time darkens the skin.

An allergy may develop due to poor hygiene, excessive sweating, using cosmetic creams etc. Continuous itching of the area because of the allergy can cause friction and this leads to darkening and scarring.

Wearing tight clothing and tight panties, as well as synthetic fabrics leads to friction; and friction causes darkening. The skin of the genital areas is exceedingly sensitive, and thus even minor friction causes discoloration and scarring.

Shaving the pubic hair does not actually make the skin darker. The pubic area is basically darker than the other skin; when it is covered by hair, the difference in color is rather imperceptible, and however, when the hair is shaved it becomes obvious.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dark Pubic Area

The following home remedies and skin care therapies are effective in lightening the pubic area significantly:

  • First and foremost, wear loose cotton clothes and cotton undergarments that absorb perspiration easily. Avoid synthetic materials and skin tight clothes.
  • Avoid too much shaving of hair and use of lotions that contain harsh chemicals; they cause the pubic area to turn dark over a period of time.
  • Lemon juice is natural bleach. Squeeze the juice of 1 lime and massage in the pubic area; over a period of 1 to 2 months, it will turn light.
  • Yogurt is another effective home remedy. Massage the yogurt in to the pubic area and leave for 10 minutes and wash off thoroughly. Follow this daily for about one month.
  • Experts recommend sandalwood and rose water as well. Mix 1 spoon of sandalwood powder with 10 drops of rose water. Apply over the pubic area after bath and leave on for half an hour and rinse.
  • Almond oil and honey is another frequently used home remedy to lighten dark patches of skin. Blend together 5 drops of almond oil with 5 drops of honey. Massage in to the dark pubic area. Wash off after 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Exfoliating the skin is important as well. It helps get rid of dead cell build up and scarring effectively. Exfoliate twice a week and follow this up with the following blend – Aloe Vera gel, lime, and vitamin E oil. Aloe Vera is soothing, lime bleaches and vitamin E moisturizes and nourishes the skin. You can preserve this mixture in the fridge. Use this blend daily for 15 days; it will yield brilliant results.

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