What Causes Dark Spots On Head? Natural Remedies To Remove Them

Dark spots on the scalp or the head may be attributed to several factors including too much exposure to the sun or excessive perspiration. Dark spots are usually found in people over the age of 50 years, however it may be observed in younger age group, if they have been exposed to the sun too frequently.

While dark spots on head may not necessarily have any health implications, there are some cosmetic tips to remove dark spots on head. Use of natural cleansing agents, vitamins and avoiding the sun can help remove dark spots on the head naturally.

Dark Spots On Head Causes

Dark spots on head are usually observed on the head and the scalp as a result of prolonged exposure to the Ultraviolet rays of the sun. However there can be other factors as well,

  • Excessive sweating and an oily scalp is also prone to development of dark spots on the head
  • Increase in melanin, which regulates the color of the skin and protects it from sun damage can also lead to dark spots.
  • Ultraviolet radiation tends to break down the elastin and collagen tissue in the skin which in turn causes the skin to become rough and result in dark spots.

Natural Remedies To Remove Dark Spots On Head

Here are some simple tips on how to remove dark spots on the head,

  • Vitamins are very vital for improving skin health and texture. Local application of vitamin A and E creams can help in strengthening the collagen tissue and allows dispersion of melanin which is concentrated around the dark spots. Vitamin C also contains strong anti-oxidant properties which protects the skin from sun damage.
  • Local application of avocado oil or walnut oil is also considered useful in management of dark spots on the skin.
  • Local application of butter milk is very useful in getting rid of dark spots. Butter milk is filled with lactic acid, which helps reduce dark spots and also increases the rate of reproduction of the cells and thereby vitalizes the skin.
  • Local application of freshly squeezed lemon juice helpful as it acts as a natural bleaching agent. This helps reduce the severity of the dark spots on the scalp. Local application of lemon juice with raw honey is also useful in dealing with dark spots.
  • Regular exfoliation of the skin helps in getting rid of the dead skin and makes way for the new skin to grow. Dead skin often has dark pigmentation and exfoliation and scrubbing helps remove this dark pigment on the head.
  • Walnut and Avocado scrubs are very useful since both are loaded with vitamins and minerals that are required to rejuvenate the skin and prevent dark pigmentation.

If these simple home remedies and natural treatment options don’t work, laser therapy is your treatment of choice. Laser therapy comprises of light beams which absorb the melanin and blood cells and thereby keep the cells healthy. Laser therapy helps break down damaged and dead skin and facilitates the skin’s self-healing process.

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