Natural Remedies For Dry Skin Around Eyes: Causes & Symptoms

Dry skin around the eyes is extremely irritating condition. It is common problem in adults during winter, although it can occur at anytime of the year. The skin around the eyes is thin as it has less amount of subcutaneous fat underneath. Due to thinness, the skin underneath the eye retains less amount of moisture; therefore the skin in this area is more vulnerable to become dry.

Dry skin causes itching and irritation around the eyes. Although it is a cosmetic concern for patient, there is more to dry skin around the eyes as it can be an indication of skin condition such as psoriasis and eczema. Dry skin can be countered with over the counter products. Fortunately, there are several home remedies for those who intend to opt for natural treatment measures.

What Causes Dry Skin Around Eyes?

Dry skin around the eyes can occur due to several reasons. It can be an environmental condition or the cause may be a skin disease.

  • One of the common reasons for dry skin under the eyes is cold winter months. Humid air robs away moisture from the skin.
    As there is less moisture in skin under the eyes, humid air worsens it.
  • Dry skin underneath the eyes can be due to over exposure to sun and sun burn.
  • Skin conditions such as blepheritis, eczema, and psoriasis around the eyes can worsen dryness.
  • Vitamin A deficiency can result in dryness of skin under the eyes.
  • Excessive eye makeup and cosmetic products around the eye can also cause dry skin around the eyes.
  • When skin around the eyes is exposed to soaps containing harsh chemicals, it is susceptible to become dry.

Symptoms Of Dry Skin Around Eyes

The symptoms of dry skin around the eyes are discomforting although they may not be dangerous.

  • Dryness around the eyes is accompanied with flaky skin. Most patients have flaky skin around the eyes.
  • Redness and burning around the eyes is common complaint when the skin becomes dry and sore. Often the condition is accompanied with swelling around the eyes.
  • Dry skin always causes moderate to severe itching. Constant rubbing can lead to cracks and peeling of skin.

Home Remedies For Dry Skin Around Eyes

There are several over the counter moisturizers and creams that are useful for treating dryness around the eyes. However, some home remedies are as effective as over the counter products. They are economic and easily available in your kitchen.

  • When the reason of skin dryness around the eyes is skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, application of coconut oil is beneficial in most cases. It helps to keep the skin moist, smooth and supple. It alleviates itching and irritation that is commonly associated with dry skin.
  • If the condition is caused due to sunburn, applying cool milk or aloe vera gel is time tested remedy to cure the condition.
  • Apply cold tea bags on the affected area around the eye. Green tea contains elements that help to soothe irritated dry skin in delicate areas of eye. It helps to regenerate dead cells and prevents wrinkle formation.
  • Applying cold milk under the eyes is soothing for the skin. It keeps the skin moist for many hours after applying. Apply milk on the affected area and rinse the area after few minutes. Follow this procedure daily. After few days you will observe your skin has become soft and smooth.
  • Cucumber juice is another natural moisturizer that is used since ages for dry skin, including the area under eyes. Apply cucumber juice on the skin around the eyes. Wash it with warm water after few minutes. Apply it regularly for few days to moisten the skin under the eyes.