Natural Remedies For Dry Skin On Face: What Are Its Causes?

Your face is a mirror of your personality. Besides sharp features smooth and silky facial skin also has its role to enhance your look. But dry facial skin often plays a spoilsport. It is a common skin problem experienced by many sometime or the other, especially during winter months.

Cold and dry weather robs away all the moisture from skin, especially from the exposed area of face.

Pollution, genetics, deficiency of vitamins and minerals, aging etc further wreak havoc on your face. Skin dryness causes itching and burning sensation on face besides losing its suppleness.

Early care of dry facial skin will help to prevent the bacteria entering into the cracked skin which left untreated can end up into dermatitis. You can treat dry facial skin with many effective home remedies instead of burning a hole in your pocket on over the counter moisturizers.

What Are The Causes Of Dry Skin On The Face?

Your face is the most exposed part of your body. There are many reasons for your facial skin to become dry.

One of the most common cause is exposure to extreme temperature, both heat and cold. During winter when there is little moisture in air your skin tends to become dry and flaky. Dry windy air robs away the oil inside your skin. Your skin gets easily parched and creasy.

The same thing occurs in extreme heat as too much of heat dehydrates your skin and make it dry. Use of cosmetics can also lead to dryness of skin, especially in women. Sun exposure, air pollution, dust, heredity, aging, deficiency of certain nutrition, dehydration, etc all can make your skin dry.

Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Dry Skin On Face

There are several moisturizers and creams available in market that may help to combat dryness on face, but they come with a price. Besides several of them contain harsh chemicals which may cause more harm to your skin than good. Home remedies and herbs are in fact economical, effective and safe. Many people therefore try to nourish and hydrate their skin with such home remedies.

Below are given important home remedies that are effective in reversing facial dryness:

  • Apply coconut oil on your face if the skin on your face becomes dry and flaky. Coconut oil contains fatty acid, and antioxidants which nourishes your skin and keeps it moist all the time. The effect is enhanced if you apply soon after taking bath as it entraps the moisture.
  • Milk is time tested home remedy available in your kitchen cabinet. Milk has many ingredients that are anti inflammatory and soothing for the skin. Fat present in it is useful to keep your skin moist. Apply cold milk directly on your dry face. The acid present in milk help to retain moisture as well makes your skin bright and glowing.
  • Face mask prepared by mixing olive oil and egg yolk is nourishing for your facial skin. Olive oil contains vitamin E and egg yolk is rich source of vitamin A. Both these vitamins are vital for skin health. Vitamin E in olive oil encourages the skin cells to repair fast and vitamin A in egg yolk is beneficial to keep your skin soft and non flaky. You can add rose water to increase its effect. Wash the facial mask after half hour with cool water.
  • Prepare a face mask my mixing yogurt with crushed banana. Evenly apply the paste all over your face and even on the sides of ear if they become dry too. The ingredients present in both act as good moisturizers. Wash your face after thirty minutes with water. Practice it on alternate days during dry windy weather.