Home Remedies For Exfoliation: Natural Skin Exfoliation Treatments

By exfoliation is meant, getting rid of the skin cells that are on the surface. Exfoliation helps eliminate the uppermost layer of skin cells, which primarily comprise of dead cells.

Lightly scrubbing the skin is one of the very old and long-used treatments for the skin; and notably, has support from skin care experts and dermatologists.

Natural Skin Exfoliation Home Treatments

Exfoliation makes dull, rough, and sun damaged skin look cleaner, more youthful and healthier. It provides a brilliant radiance to the skin. Scrubbing enhances circulation of blood and cell renewal, both of which improve skin’s texture.

  • Oat meal: oat meal that has been powdered coarsely is a wonderful natural exfoliating agent. It helps get rid of grease and grime. Oat meal also supplies the skin vitamin E is abundance.
  • Orange rinds: take a couple of orange peels and dry them for a day or two in the sun. Powder these sun dried orange rinds.
    Gently exfoliate the skin using this powder. Orange rinds rub the skin clean and eliminate dirt and grease effectively. The peel also contains loads of vitamin C and essentials of the orange, which it supplies to the skin. Orange rinds also help close large pores and fights wrinkles and age spots successfully.
  • Walnuts: powder a handful of walnuts and mix the pounded walnuts with a little bit of almond oil or olive oil. Rub your skin with this paste and leave on for 10 minutes and wash off. Walnuts too provide large quantities of vitamin E and essential fatty acids to the skin; thus making it glow and look younger.

Home Remedies For Exfoliation Of The Face And Neck

Skin care specialists and naturopaths recommend using natural agents to exfoliate your skin on a regular basis. Opting for chemical products and skin care agents can have a detrimental effect on your skin. Long term usage of chemical exfoliates can be counterproductive. Hence, home remedies like: oats, walnuts, gram flour and orange peels are advised.

Exfoliation is indisputably an important aspect of the skin care regimen. It immediately augments the appearance of the skin and wards off the disagreeable and unattractive signs of ageing.

Use these home remedies to exfoliate your face and neck:

  1. Sugar: powdered sugar scrubs the skin effectively without damaging the skin tissue, unlike the harsh chemical scrubs. Gently exfoliate your face, using circular movements and don’t forget the neck area. The neck is the first place to show signs of ageing. Wash off with cold water. Do this ritual once a week.
  2. Oats, cinnamon and honey: blend together 1 spoons of oat meal, a drop of honey and 1 teaspoon of powdered cinnamon. This mix makes an excellent natural scrub for the face.
  3. Gram flour: gram flour is gritty and helps exfoliate gently. What’s more, it is amazing bleach too; giving your face a wonderful glow and radiance. It banishes age spots, evens out the complexion, whitens the skin and halts the assault of ageing considerably.

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