Causes of Granuloma Annulare and Its Natural Treatments

Granuloma annulare is a skin condition characterized by the appearance of small raised bumps on the skin.

  • With Granuloma Annulare raised bumps form on the hands feet or face

  • The lesions expand and form a ring, resembling ringworm

  • The lesions can disappear on their own from a few months to a few years after they appeared

  • This can occur in healthy patients, with no particular cause

  • The main concern with this condition is the appearance of the lesions

Granuloma Annulare Causes

  • The main cause of Granuloma Annulare is not known

  • It does, however occur commonly in patients with diabetes

  • Still, a majority of patients who have Granuloma Annulare are perfectly healthy

  • Some patients with the condition can also have some underlying problems that can lead to the lesions, these include:

    • Allergies and Food Intolerance (e.

      g. wheat intolerance)

Risk Factors

Some risk factors for developing the condition have been pointed out, they include:

  • Gender

    • Women more than men are more likely to get Granuloma Annulare

  • Age

    • Children

    • Young Adults

    • Adults Over 40

  • Illnesses – Patients with the following diseases have been known to develop the lesions.

    • Diabetes

    • Thyroid Problems


  • Raised red or flesh colored bumps

  • They form on the skin of the hands and on the feet, in some instances they can also form on the face.

    • Aside from these localized lesions, some people also develop generalized Granuloma Annulare which affects the whole body

  • The lesions expand and form circles, which resemble ringworm

    • The rings are usually much bigger than those in ringworm

Granuloma Annulare symptoms are often limited to the presence of the lesions, but some patients have reported the following mild itching.


  • Scrape Test – This test is going to determine if the condition is caused by a fungus, as in ringworm

  • Biopsy – This is the definitive test for diagnosing Granuloma Annulare. A small sample of the affected skin is studied under a microscope.

Granuloma Annulare Natural Treatment

  • Often, no treatment is necessary for Granuloma Annulare

  • The lesions tend to go away on their own, usually in a few months, but it can also last a few years

  • Patients who are bothered by the appearance of the lesions may be prescribed with topical corticosteroids to help bring down the lesions

Natural Treatments

  • Apple Cider Vinegar – some patients have reported good results with using apple cider vinegar on the lesions

  • Avoidance of possible allergens

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