How To Remove Hanging Moles On Neck? Home Remedies & Treatment

Hanging moles or skin tags can be unsightly and embarrassing. On the other hand, hanging moles can be removed using natural home remedies, medical treatments as well as surgical intervention. Hanging moles on the neck are by and large harmless dark growths; however, people would have them removed.

There are a host of treatment options – from over-the-counter medicines to herbal therapy to painless excision.

A hanging mole is a tiny flap of tissue which hangs off by a connecting stalk. They are usually found on the neck, chest, back, and occasionally under the breasts or in the groin area. They are commoner in women and in elderly people.

They are sometimes associated with weight gain. They may be since birth in some people or may develop consequently.

How To Get Rid Of Hanging Moles On Neck?

First and foremost, you need to confer with your health care provider / dermatologist before experimenting on your own. Let him examine the hanging mole. He will decide what procedure is most optimal to remove the mole. Discuss with him what technique / procedure would work best for you.

  • Some dermatologists opt for cryotherapy, i.e. he will freeze the mole using nitrous oxide to remove it. This stops the blood from flowing to the mole and thereafter he will either cut it off or let it fall off in a few days.
  • Some recommend cauterization, wherein, the hanging mole is burnt off using an electric current.
  • A shave excision may be a convenient method for removing moles on the neck. In this technique the skin area around the hanging mole is benumbed, and then the mole is cut off with a scalpel. No suturing is needed.
  • Some doctors may advocate punch biopsy, in which, the dermatologist will benumb the area around the mole and then remove the mole with a tool resembling a cookie cutter. Suturing is needed.
  • Some doctors may just cut off the hanging mole with a pair of sterile scissors.

Home Remedies To Remove Hanging Moles

  • You may get rid of a hanging mole at home too. Use a piece of thread. Tie it tightly at the commencement of the mole. This causes blood flow to be cut off from the hanging mole. Keep for a couple of days, over a couple of days, the mole will fall off.
  • A band aid or duct tape can be used too. Apply a vitamin E cream to the hanging mole. Put a band aid or a duct tape where you have applied the vitamin E cream. Remove the band aid after 3 to 4 days, the hanging mole will slice off; this occurs because the mole does not receive any blood supply.
  • Apply a wart removal solution to the hanging mole. Cover up with an adhesive bandage and remove after 2 days; the mole will fall off.
  • You could also try an over the counter mole removal lotion. They are available in most drug stores. Ensure that you read the instructions well and apply accordingly for best results.
  • Castor oil also proffers good results in some cases. Experts say that applying castor oil soaked gauze several times in a day as well as leaving it overnight may help to get rid of hanging moles.

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