Heat Blisters Causes: Treatment To Get Rid Of Heat Rash Blisters

As the name suggests, heat blisters are developed due to heat. It may be in any form, heat due to sunlight, or exposure to steam, or object that is too hot for your skin. A blister is a tiny fluid filled eruption on the surface of the skin. Usually a blister contains serous, watery and transparent fluid, which may become purulent or hemorrhagic later on.

Blisters may be symmetrical or asymmetrical in distribution. Generally heat blisters appear in clusters if the affected area is large. Some heat blisters are tense, while some are flaccid. Heat blisters are painful. There may be associated inflammation and redness of the surrounding skin.

What Are The Causes Of Heat Blisters?

  • Heat blisters appear on the skin surface especially when your body is exposed to extreme heat. Excessive exposure to sunlight for a prolonged period can cause sunburn with tiny fluid filled blisters on the skin. The skin becomes red, painful and abnormally warm after exposure to sun.
  • Burns are the next most common cause for heat blisters. A skin burn can occur from direct contact with a hot object which may produce blisters on the surface of the skin.
    It can also occur after accidental spillage of hot water on the skin or due to exposure to steam.
  • Heat rash is a skin condition often seen in hot and humid climate. The condition is more common in children, but adult can also suffer from heat rash. Heat rash appears as tiny red bumps or cluster of tiny heat blisters on the skin surface. They are more common on neck, chest, and back and elbow creases. In adults, especially in females and obese persons, heat rash appears in areas which are humid such as under the breast, in armpits, and in groin, besides back and neck. Heat rash is also known as prickly heat.
  • In addition to the above conditions, heat blisters may occur in some people whose skin is sensitive strong sunlight exposure. The condition is known as polymorphic light eruption. This condition is prevalent more commonly among people living in northern side of Europe.
  • Blisters arising from friction of objects to the skin can be categorized as heat blisters. It is common when a person is wearing new pair shoes. Repeated rubbing of shovel handle can be a reason for heat blisters on the palm.

How To Get Rid Of Heat Rashes And Blisters?

Heat blisters generally does not require any treatment if they are caused due to sunburn or overexposure to sunlight. They may heal without any treatment. However, some blisters are painful and may be accompanied with fever. In such cases medical assistance may be necessary. Remember few tips when the heat blisters are due to overexposure to sunlight.

  • Avoid going out in sunlight when you are suffering from heat blisters.
  • Cold water compresses are useful.
  • Apply aloe vera gel.
  • Lastly avoid breaking blisters.

If the tiny blisters are in the form of heat rash, the best treatment is to stay in cool and less humid place. An air-condition room is preferable. Let the affected area remain dry and to prevent moisture you can sprinkle dusting powder or cornstarch powder. You can also apply other home remedies such as sandalwood paste prepared by mixing sandalwood powder and water. It acts as a soothing agent and relieves itching and irritation of the skin.

Heat blisters caused due to burns may need medical attention. However, initially flush cold water on the affected area immediately after the burn. Avoid rubbing ice on the burn area. If blister form after some time, avoid draining them. If at all it is required, your doctor will drain the blister under total aseptic environment.

Aloe vera gel on the heat burn blisters may be effective when applied locally.

Homeopathic medicine calendula is also beneficial in healing heat blisters.

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