How To Improve Skin Tone At Home? Natural Therapy For Better Skin

When one’s skin tone is even, it helps make the complexion look smooth, radiant and youthful. Sun damage, pollution, acne etc., tend to discolor and affect the skin. Following a regular skin care regimen, eating the right foods and incorporating these home remedies in to everyday routine can help you have a wonderful skin tone.

Almonds, gram flour and potatoes are the most effective and widely proven home remedies for skin care. They fight innumerable skin problems, nourish the skin and improve the skin tone significantly.

  • Almonds: Soak 5 almonds in water. Peel off the skin, and blend finely with 1 spoon of honey. Scrub your face, neck and if you want whole body with this natural scrub. It moisturizes the skin cells, eliminates diet and grime and gets rid of dead cells too.
  • Gram flour: is a whitening agent. Blend together 2 spoons of gram flour, a few drops of lime juice, and some milk. Apply on to the skin. Wash off after half an hour. Daily use for 1 month promises you a beautiful and radiant skin.
  • Potatoes: potatoes are packed with important minerals that are extremely essential for the skin. Grate a raw potato and place the shreds over your face and neck. Leave on for 20 minutes, then wash.

Natural Therapy For Fair Toned Skin

  • Alkaline Scrub: Using alkaline agents such as baking soda has been proved to be beneficial for skin care. An alkaline scrub removes dead skin cells and prompts cell renewal. Baking soda is smooth and gently exfoliates the skin without irritating it. Combine 1 spoon of baking soda with some water. Massage this paste on to the areas that have an uneven skin tone; it removes discolorations or rough, dry skin, and balances out your complexion.
  • Acid Toner: Natural acidic agents such as citric fruits, contain loads of Vitamin C, which gets rid of dead skin cells and increases the cell turn-over as well. Use undiluted lemon juice to treat your skin; it removes marks, blemishes and discoloration successfully and also makes the skin a lot fairer. Apply lemon juice liberally to your skin. Let the lemon juice dry, and then rinse your face with cold water.
  • Olive oil, almond oil and wheat germ oil: blend together 1 spoon of wheat germ oil, olive oil and almond oil. Massage this blend in to your skin, and leave on for half an hour. Wipe with a tissue, and then wash off with warm water and a mild soap. This oil blend improves your complexion appreciably and moisturizes your skin too.
  • Tomato and yogurt: mix tomato juice with some yogurt. Apply all over the skin, and rinse after 15 minutes.
  • Oat meal and cinnamon: blend together 5 spoons of pounded oat meal with 1 pinch of powdered cinnamon. Use this as a natural scrub; it eliminates dead skin cells, grease, grime and dirt and stimulates blood circulation too.

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