Liver Spots On Legs: What Are Its Causes And How To Get Rid Of?

Liver spots are actually age spots on the skin; they are also called solar lentigo and tend to develop with increase in age. It occurs when melanin aggregates together in specific areas of the skin, and gives an appearance of a brown spot. Those who are above 30 years of age, get liver spots on the skin.

The chief cause is over exposure to the UV rays of the sun. Liver spots are harmless patches of hyper pigmentation and are usually typified by round, flat, painless spots which occur on the face, hands, arms, legs, feet and any other sun-exposed areas.

When the skin remains overexposed to the UV rays of the sun for a prolonged interval of time, and is unprotected, the melanin starts building up in the dermal or the epidermal region of the skin. The melanin multiplies and over a period of time forms clusters.

A genetic predisposition for liver spots is another significant etiological factor.

How To Get Rid Of Liver Spots On Legs?

  • The damaging free radicals from the sun’s UV rays accumulate lipofuscin in the body, and this in due course darkens the skin. The best way to prevent or lighten the liver spots is to use a good sun block.
    You need to use a good sunscreen lotion before you go outside in to the sun. All skin care experts and dermatologists advocate the use of sunscreen to protect your skin from darkening and skin pigmentation.
  • Step up your intake of vitamin C rich foods. Vitamin C is a very powerful anti oxidant; i.e. it battles the most damaging of the free radicals and helps exterminate them; thereby preventing skin damage. Make sure you have a generous helping of limes, lemons, oranges, sweet limes, bell peppers, grapes, apples, mangoes, or tomatoes daily. They are packed with vitamin C – an excellent ‘skin food’ and helps maintain a healthy skin tone and texture.
  • Skin experts also advise using skin care products that have some amount vitamin C in them.
  • Another vital ‘skin vitamin’ is vitamin A. Vitamin A is also a potent free radical fighter; it helps keep your skin healthy, supple, and youthful and banishes all signs of ageing, including liver spots or age spots. Incorporate apples, carrots, nuts, milk and yogurt in your everyday menu; these are loaded with vitamin A and help get rid of liver spots successfully.
  • A very effective home remedy for liver spots is a blend of tomatoes, honey and lime. Mix together ½ tomato puree, 1 tablespoon honey and juice of 1 lime. Apply this blend on to the affected area and leave on for about one hour. Rinse off with cold water. Ensure that you do this every day for a month; the liver spots will start becoming light and will vanish.
  • Steer clear of sun rays; take adequate precaution by wearing scarves, hats, shades and long sleeved clothes.
  • Also, when you come indoors after being in the sun, immediately wash yourself thoroughly and apply lime juice mixed with some yogurt; this helps reduce the ravages of sun damage effectively; and more importantly, will decelerate the onslaught of aging.
  • Drink lots of water every day and opt for a healthy and wholesome diet that comprise of plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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