Causes Of Milia Under Eyes: Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of It

Milia are tiny white pearly bumps usually seen around the cheeks, nose, forehead and even under the eyes. They are often referred as milk spots. These tiny cysts form when the dead skin cells get trapped on skin surface and clog the pores. MIlia are not uncommon in infants few months after their birth.

However, adults too can be affected.

Milia are harmless but they are considered unsightly, especially when present on face or under the eyes. In babies milia clears after a period of time without any treatment. In adult it may persist for long duration sometimes requiring treatment for its removal.

What Are The Causes Of Milia Under Eyes?

Milia develop due to the inability of skin to shed off dead skin cells. As a result the dead skin cells accumulate on the surface layer of skin to form bumps. Milia are commonly seen in newborn infants, they may also occur in adults. Usually adults as well as children have milia on their face. They are usually found in clusters.

Milia are categorized in two forms, primary and secondary.

Primary milia are more common in newborns, while secondary milia are commonly seen in adults and children. Below are some of the factors found to be responsible for development of this harmless, but unsightly pearly white bumps

  • Genetics play an important role in development of milia. If someone in the family had milia, the possibility of it occurring to other members of family increases. This type of primary milia is commonly seen in infants few months after their birth.
  • Use of oily products on skin and heavy cosmetics can trap the dead skin cells in the pores and cause milia.
  • Sun exposure is one of the causes for milia to form particularly on face and under the eyes. The skin under the eyes and face becomes thick and tough. It prevents the glands to shed the dead skin from its surface. When these dead skin cells get accumulated, it may develop into milia.
  • Milia can also develop due to use of steroidal creams for long duration.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Milia Under Eyes

The skin area around the eye is sensitive therefore care is needed to remove milia under the eyes. There are several home remedies found effective in removing milia, some of which are useful when it has to be removed from under the eyes.

  • Castor oil has natural properties to remove milia. It also controls oil production. Gently rub castor oil under the eyes. Rub till the oil is completely absorbed in the skin. Follow it daily for few weeks until milia under the eye has disappeared.
  • Prepare a paste by mixing rose water and sandalwood powder. Apply the paste under the eyes and leave it for one hour. Wash the area with cool water and pat dry the area.
  • Mix honey with jojoba oil. Apply a thin layer of this mixture under the eyes. Wash your face after 20 minutes. Repeat it daily for few weeks till milia vanishes from the area.
  • A gentle sugar scrub is safe to be used under the eyes. It is an excellent exfoliator. Before applying the scrub, wet the area with cool water. Let the scrub remain for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing the area with water. Pat dry with a clean cloth. Repeat it three times in a week.
  • Regularly wash your face and area around the eyes with water two to three times in a day. It helps to remove the dirt.

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