Nail Scratch Scar On Face: How To Get Rid Of Them Naturally?

A nasty scar on the face can mar your face value. Injuries to skin can damage the skin structure. During the healing process most injuries can result in scar formation. Scars can develop due to many factors. It can be an outcome of tattooing or an aftermath of even precise surgical incision.

We all have some scars on our body, but if they remain covered under our clothes we do not pay much attention to it. However, when scars develop on face, it can be distressing, especially from cosmetic point.

Our face is most visible part of the body and we cannot cover it. Scars can develop on face from scratching. Having long and sharp nails makes you vulnerable to nail scratch scar. You tend to scratch if there is itching on your face. If your nails are long and sharp, unknowingly you can harm your face while scratching or while picking a bump. You can also accidentally injure your face with your nails.

This may sometimes produce unsightly scars.

In fact scars are not dangerous; it is body’s way of prioritizing rapid repair of the wound. Formation of scars after scratching your nails on your face is not limited only in adults, it can occur even in children. They often unknowingly scratch their face due to itching.

Mostly the superficial layer of skin is damaged when you scratch your face. The skin may heal within few days. However, in some people the skin has tendency to develop scar tissue even with minor injury. These persons should remain very careful and prevent such nail injuries by trimming them from time to time. Parents should also cut their child’s fingernail to prevent injuring their face.

Natural Ways To Remove Nail Scratch Scar On Face

Nail scratch injuries on skin is usually superficial. It means the upper layer of skin is injured. It takes few days for natural healing of superficial layer of skin. Scars developed due to superficial skin injury on your face fade out after a period of time. But some scars may last for many months or years, especially if the deeper layer of skin is damaged. Follow the tips given below to minimize their appearance.

  • Cut your nails regularly to prevent nail injury on your face.
  • Apply olive oil regularly on the scar area. It will help to lighten the nail scars considerably without causing any damage to the nearby skin.
  • Facial scars due to nail scratch injuries can be effectively treated with cucumber. Cucumber has natural quality to soothe the inflammation. It is also beneficial in enhancing healing process. Cut cucumber slices and keep it in refrigerator. When cold place them on facial scar for 30 minutes. Regularly use will contribute in great way to lighten scars on face developed after scratching.
  • Baking soda is important natural healer for many skin problems. Prepare a paste of baking soda by mixing it with water. Apply the prepared paste on the nail scratch scars. Let the paste remain for 10 to 15 minutes. Once it dries, wash your face with cold water.
  • Always apply sunscreen on your face while going out. It helps to prevent hyper pigmentation of scar tissue.
  • Apply cocoa butter regularly on the scar tissue on your face. After few weeks the scar disappears without leaving any trace of nail injury. Cocoa butter is good moisturizer and it helps to reduce the scar.

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