Causes Of Perioral Dermatitis? Its Symptoms And Treatment Options

Peri dermatitis, also labeled to as perioral dermatitis only affects the upper layer of the skin, surrounding the oral cavity. This condition is characterized by granulomatous peri-follicular inflammation, which is one of the reasons which it is also referred to as peri-dermatitis. Various dermatologists believe that this condition overlaps with rosacea, another skin ailment, with very similar manifestations.

The article is about the various causes, symptoms and treatment for peri dermatitis.

This unique skin ailment is characterized by appearance of small red bumps or pimples, which affect only the region of the face around the mouth. Microscopically, this condition is characterized by granulomatous inflammation around the hair follicles ( i.e. peri folliculitis).

Many dermatologists believe that peri-dermatitis is in fact Rosacea, which has very similar clinical manifestations. However, the differentiation is not important from the perspective of treatment, since both the conditions are easily diagnosed and treatable.

Causes And Symptoms Of Perioral Dermatitis

While it is very difficult to identify the underlying factor that is responsible for the development of peri-dermatitis, there are certain factors that are known to be associated with the condition,

  • Local application of tropical steroids is present in about 80% of all cases that develop this condition.
  • As per studies conducted in Australia, it was observed that application of foundation, moisturizing cream and night cream, increased the risk of developing the condition by about thirteen folds.
  • Exposure to Ultraviolet light, wind or heat could often worsen the condition of peri-dermatitis.
  • Candida infection is considered to provoke peri-dermatitis; however there is little clinical evidence to support this claim.
  • Other factors include hormonal factors, use of oral contraceptive and gastrointestinal disorders.

Peri Dermatitis Symptoms

This condition affects young females and some of the common symptoms associated with this condition include the following,

  • Papular rash with small pustules are present around the mouth, eyes and nose. The margin of the skin around the lips often remains unaffected.
  • This condition is often limited to the skin and doesn’t spread to the hair or the mucus membrane.

Treatment For Peri Dermatitis

The treatment regimen focuses on preventing triggering stimulus and also managing the skin inflammation that has already occurred. The treatment modalities include the following,

  • Prevent and eliminate all facial products, especially products containing artificial chemicals, tropical corticosteroids, etc. However it is recommended not to stop the use of these products suddenly, but rather tapper its use over a period of time to prevent a flare up episode.
  • Antibiotics are used for the treatment of peri-dermatitis; however there are a host of home remedies that can be beneficial. Local application of turmeric mixed with equal parts of raw honey is considered to have a soothing effect on the skin and also reduce inflammation.
  • Local application of tea tree oil is also considered valuable in the management of this condition. Tea tree oil helps curb the inflammation and also protects the skin for microbes and bacterial infections.

This condition is easily treatable and in most cases, eliminating the use of the creams and local applications is considered to help resolve the condition within a few weeks.

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