Possible Causes Of Perioral Dermatitis: Its Symptoms And Treatment

Perioral dermatitis is a dermatological condition affecting the skin around the mouth. The characteristic feature of perioral dermatitis is eruption of tiny pimple like red bumps around the mouth and nasal area with burning sensation. The word perioral means ‘around the mouth’ and dermatitis is ‘inflammation of skin’.

Perioral dermatitis is mostly found in females between the age group 20 to 45 years.

However, men too are not spread from this condition. Use of cosmetic products and steroid based creams seems to be a triggering cause for development of perioral dermatitis.

Treatment includes stoppage of using the offending products and a course of antibiotics. The healing period for perioral dermatitis may be from few weeks to months.

Causes And Symptoms Of Perioral Dermatitis

Dermatologists are not certain about the exact cause behind perioral dermatitis, however they suspect following factors might be triggering red rash and burning around the mouth.

  • Use of facial cream containing steroid for long time may be responsible for triggering perioral dermatitis.
  • Cosmetics and make ups applied on face contain harmful chemicals.
    They may trigger perioral dermatitis.
  • Exposure to ultraviolet rays of sun.
  • Change in hormones during menses.
  • Women taking oral contraceptive pills.
  • Use of fluorinated toothpaste and mouthwashes.

Perioral Dermatitis Symptoms

At least 90% of people who suffer from perioral dermatitis are women. They are usually in their mid twenties to mid forties. Following are few important symptoms that care specific of perioral dermatitis.

  • The area around the mouth, cheeks, chin, skin below and adjacent to nose are generally affected. Sometime the skin below the eyes can also get affected.
  • The affected skin area of the face becomes red and flushed.
  • Red rash with tiny bumps like acne develop around the mouth.
  • Burning sensation of the affected region. Burning may be accompanied with itching.
  • The skin around the mouth in perioral dermatitis appears tensed and dry in many cases.
  • In few patients, the skin of the affected area may peel.

Natural Treatment For Perioral Dermatitis

Before starting the treatment, the condition needs to be diagnosed by the doctor. There is no need of any tests to detect the condition; an experienced dermatologist can diagnose perioral dermatitis by examining the patient.

Here are few important tips that are effective in clearing the rash.

  • Stop using cream and cosmetics when rash are present. Simply wash your face with plain water. Do not scrub your face as it will aggravate the rash.
  • Stop using cream containing steroids as it is considered as one of the cause for perioral dermatitis.
  • Oral antibiotics are useful.
  • Stop using fluoride containing toothpaste.
  • Apply sandalwood paste on the affected area. To prepare sandalwood paste, mix sandalwood powder and rose water.
  • Avoid UV rays. Carry an umbrella when you go out in sun.
  • Avoid stress and take plenty of rest and sleep.
  • Apply extract of grape seed on the perioral dermatitis; it is an effective home remedy for treating the condition.
  • Apply plain cool yogurt on the affected area of perioral dermatitis. Its probiotic effect helps in alleviating the symptoms.
  • Eat food that is rich in antioxidant properties, vitamins and minerals. All these elements help in repairing skin cells. Avoid eating food that contains preservative, artificial colors and additives.

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