Causes of Rash On Knuckles: Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Rashes

When you clench your hand knuckles become more prominent. Knuckles are finger joints which allow easy and smooth movement of fingers. It is because of finger knuckles you are able to hold an object. Finger knuckles are famous for their crackling sound when the joint is flexed deliberately. Since the hand is used all the time, the skin over knuckle is always noticeable.

Therefore a rash on knuckle joint cannot remain unnoticed.

The skin over knuckle is thin and very sensitive. Knuckle rash are red, itchy, dry and flaky or sometimes filled with pus. Rash on knuckles is not a serious problem but is discomforting for the patient. Since knuckle is visible area, any type of rash can be mentally distressing for the patient even if it is not due to a serious medical condition.

Rash on knuckles can be itchy or non itchy, filled with fluid and pus or dry depending on the underlying cause. Knuckle rash can be treated in the same way as any other rash on the body; some of which are harmless and resolve on their own.

What Causes Rash On Knuckles?

Skin rash on knuckles can result due to many reasons.

Your hand is used in almost every other activity you do. Therefore it is vulnerable to many environmental irritants, chemicals, detergents, etc. Let us begin with the simple causes.

  • Red rash on knuckles is common among those who practice boxing and martial arts. Knuckles get frequently traumatized while playing such sports.
  • The other common cause is contact dermatitis. Knuckle contact with any chemical or irritant can cause severe skin reaction that may be exhibited in the form of rash which is itchy, dry or discharging. Knuckle rash can occur due to contact with oils and abrasives.
  • Viral diseases such as measles, chickenpox, etc can cause rash on knuckles.
  • Rash on knuckle can be due to psoriasis of knuckle joint. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease of skin. The rash may appear as silvery flakes, red and itchy.
  • An insect bite on the skin over knuckle can cause itching, redness and swelling. Such rashes disappear mostly without any treatment.
  • Fungal infection is another important cause for rash on knuckles. It is often confused with psoriasis. However, medical professionals can easily identify between the two. People who have to work all the time in water are usually at risk of suffering from fungal disease of hand. Fungus prefers moist habitat.

Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Rash On Knuckles

In order to treat rash on knuckles it is important to know the underlying reason for the cause of rash on knuckles. Knowing the reason of rash on knuckles is half way to its cure. For example if you know the rash is due to irritants or an allergen, you can avoid further contact with such irritants. If the rash is caused due to non infectious agents, local application of corticosteroid ointment for few days will reduce inflammation and redness. Antihistamines will help to relieve itching. If the rash is caused due to any infection, you may need oral antibiotics.

  • Avoid scratching or rubbing as the sensitive skin may result in cracks and fissures. It gives entrance to germs and secondary infection. Apply calamine lotion as it is soothing and helps to heal the rash. This is important if knuckle rash is due to an insect bite.
  • A good moisturizer is effective in dealing with rash on knuckles. Apply olive oil mixed with vitamin E oil over the surface of knuckle. If the rash appears due to sports activities, avoid the game for few days and apply olive oil on the area. Within few days the rash will disappear.
  • If it is due to skin allergy prepare a paste by crushing poppy seeds, water and lime juice. Apply the prepared paste on the knuckles and let it remain for half hour. Wash the area and gently clean with a soft cloth. Follow it regularly.
  • For fungal rash, apply anti fungal ointment daily. Avoid using your hands frequently in water.

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