How to Treat and Reduce Redness from Waxing on Skin?

Redness from Waxing

There are moments after a waxing where a person will notice redness on their skin which is normally an expected result of pulling hair out of the skin’s follicles. However, for certain people, especially those with sensitive skin, the redness can be due to skin irritation that could last for hours and even days.

Individuals who are prone to such condition are usually required to prepare the skin before waxing. Applying a damp towel on the area to be waxed will help open up the hair follicles and will make hair removal easier. Of course, immediate treatment of the affected area after a waxing will also help in reducing the redness and irritation.

Reduce Redness from Waxing

There are a few simple ways a person can do to help reduce skin redness after waxing, and these are:

  • Applying ice pack to the waxed area. This will not only help reduce the redness, but will also reduce the discomfort accompanied by such procedure.

  • Rubbing some tea tree oil.

    It is known for its medicinal purposes like getting rid of inflammation, wound healing and easing of pain.

  • Dabbing witch hazel on the waxed area. Like the tea tree oil, this natural astringent possess healing properties that has shown to be effective in reducing skin redness.

  • Use cream or lotion that heals, cools, and soothes the skin after waxing.

  • Avoid taking hot showers at least for several hours after waxing as hot water tends to act as a skin irritant.

  • Taking a couple of antacids before a waxing treatment is also helpful as antacids may block histamines that help reduce redness.

How to Treat Redness from Waxing

Treatment for skin redness from waxing is easy to do. Here are some of the things a person can perform in order to treat the redness after waxing.

  • Rubbing a thin layer of pure aloe vera gel over the irritated areas is one of the most common ways to reduce redness. It is considered an effective post-waxing treatment by many and can be applied as long as needed.

  • Applying cold compress directly on the affected area will provide relief from irritation and reduce redness.

  • Make sure to wear looses cotton clothing.

  • Avoid the use of moisturizers, deodorant or other perfumed products as they can clog the skin’s pores and cause irritation.

  • Exfoliate the area every 4 to 7 days, starting 3 days after waxing.

  • If there is an allergic reaction, the usual treatment is a topical antihistamine as prescribed by a doctor.

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