How To Remove A Cyst At Home? Getting Rid Of A Cyst Without Surgery

Cysts are lump or sacs that may be filled with either fluid, air or some other tissue material. In most cases cysts are very small and often painless and harmless. However some types of cysts are relatively more complicated and occasionally life threatening.  Not all the types of cysts can be treated at home, but the most commonly found cysts i.

e. the sebaceous cyst found on the skin, can be treated and remove at home. Other types of cyst may often require surgical intervention. This article is to provide you information about how to remove a cyst at home without a surgery.

While there are different factors that may be responsible for the formation of cysts, in most cases cysts are painless or go away on their own. However there are times when the cyst can become infected and manifest certain symptoms like pain. While it may be impossible to treat all the types of cyst, sebaceous cysts found on the skin can be treated at home,

  • Local application of freshly crushed garlic cloves is considered to be very effective treatment for the management of cysts, especially dermal or sebaceous cyst.
    Garlic has strong antiseptic properties, which not only destroys the bacteria but also helps in healing.
    • Local application of Aloe Vera is also considered to be beneficial in management of cysts on the skin. Aloe Vera is considered to hasten the natural process of healing. It is commonly used to treat other skin conditions like wounds, cuts and bruises.
    • Local application of turmeric paste around the cyst can help remove a cyst naturally. Turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties. This not only lets the cyst heal quickly but also prevent any form of secondary infection.
  • Make sure that you keep the cyst clean. This is important since poor hygiene can result in higher risk of infection, which in turn can cause the cyst to grow larger and become more painful. Local application of antibacterial soap is adequate to prevent infection.

Removing Sebaceous Cyst Without Surgery

While cysts are usually painless, here is a simple tip to help remove the cysts at home without surgery. Boil a pair of tweezers or a sharp needle in hot water, to sterilize them. Once cooled, use to tweezers or needle to prick open the cyst. After you prick open the cyst, try to remove all the fluid or tissue accumulated inside the cyst. Clean the cyst with sterile water or spirit to avoid re-infection. Cover the dissected cyst with a cotton swab.

Always remember that healthy and balanced diet comprising of vitamins and minerals is important to keep the immune system full functional and prevent the recurrence of cysts. Maintain utmost hygiene which is important to prevent the recurrence of cysts.

If however a cyst is larger in size or associated with other symptoms like pain, altered sensations, discharge, etc don’t attempt to remove it at home. Seek medical advice immediately to avoid further complications.

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