Remove Hair or Pluck it from Mole Effectively at Home

Remove Hair from Mole

At times, when a tiny mole grows on a certain area of your face, it can be attractive. However, if the mole is alive, protruding, and grows hair within it, it can be a distraction, especially if it the mole is on your face.

Fortunately with our technology today and depth of science, it is safe and easy to remove hair from mole.

Here are some of the ways:

  • Use tweezers. Using tweezers is the easiest and the most common effective way to remove hairs from a mole. You simply gently pull out the hair from its growth direction. It will slip out more easily. The hair will not grow back for a couple of weeks.

  • Use scissors. If you do not want to pull out the hair, you can trim it using fingernail scissors at home. However, you should understand that this method needs much care.

  • Wax the hair.

Why Does Hair Grow From Moles

Moles are an indication of a presence of melanin in the skin cells.

Melanin, of course, is the dark pigment in our body.

  • Moles are part of the skin, and despite the variation in color, they have similar characteristics of any other portion of your skin.

  • This means that beneath the skin from where mole grows, hair follicles can be found.

  • The hair follicles are present under the skin’s surface and the hair grows through the breaks in the oil glands.

  • The hair follicle is located through tautly-packed skin cells, where cells are packed together, thereby, pushing the hair through.

  • Having hair on a mole is a positive indicator. It means the skin cells are healthy.

  • Melanomas, which are the most fatal form of skin cancer, kill hair follicles. Thus, no hair is ever grown.

How To Pluck Hair From Mole

Plucking hair on the mole using tweezers is very easy. It is also a common practice among men and women. The following steps can help you learn how to pluck hair from mole:

  • Inspect the mole of any signs of abnormalities. Although moles are less likely to be cancerous, it is better to be safe.

  • Using your fingers, you can pull tight the skin around the mole because it is easier to remove hair from tight skin than from loose.

  • Squeeze the tweezers together tightly, and pluck out the hair. For easiest removal, pull out the hair from its roots.

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