Is Skin Damage From Smoking Reversible If so How to Repair Skin

There are many dangers that smoking can do in the body – so much that cigarette ads and boxes are required to indicate the warning “Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health”. Still, even with many published studies, tens of thousands of people begin smoking each year.

Skin Damage from Smoking

  • Aside from causing various ailments, including the deadly lung cancer, smoking can also cause esthetic problems such as skin damage.
  • The effects of smoking actually affect women more. Thus, when it comes to skin damage, women are more prone to having this than men. This information alone makes a lot of women think twice about taking up smoking.
  • The components of cigarettes cause:
    • Discolored skin which could appear ashy on white skins
    • Dull appearance to the skin due to loss of skin glow and vitality
    • Loss of tone and elasticity faster than with the normal aging process
  • Some of reasons why smoking causes skin damage include:
    • Restriction of blood flow through the capillaries so that oxygen and nutrients are prevented from reaching the skin
    • Depletion of vitamin A which protects the skin from damage
    • Increases production of enzymes that affect collagen

Is Skin Damage from Smoking Reversible

  • The damage on the skin caused by smoking is actually reversible.
  • However, if the damage has been extensive, it will also take intensive treatments to bring back the skin’s condition to what it has been before.
  • In the same way, lesser damage will only need less treatment plans.

How to Repair Skin Damage from Smoking

To repair the skin from the damages caused by smoking, the patient could try the following options:

  • Foremost, stop smoking.
    The damages of smoking could continue to affect the patient as long as he/she is exposed to tobacco/cigarette smoke. This also holds true with side stream or second hand smoke.
  • Eat a healthy diet. Eat as much vegetables and fruits each meal because these will quickly replenish the lost nutrients taken away by smoking.
  • Some creams and medications may be used to help the skin quickly replenish the lost nutrients, too. Also, these creams can help retain moisture on the skin to promote healing.
  • Increase water intake. Smoking actually causes dehydration of the skin cells, too.
  • If home remedies are not effective, it might be time to try laser remedies and other cosmetic options.

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