Causes Of Skin Tags On Lips: Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Them

Very few are lucky to live with flawless skin because most people experience some type of blemish at least once in their lifetime. A skin tag is one such unsightly skin growth that may occur at some point of life. Skin tags usually develop as a person gets older, however, it may also occur among younger generation.

Also called achrochordon in medical parlance, skin tag is small, soft rice sized fleshy irregular skin overgrowth. It usually has tendency to develop in armpits, under the breast, eyelids, and neck. Although uncommon, the tag may also develop around the mouth and on lip. The tag is not detrimental to health. But it does have an adverse effect on a person’s face value and confidence, especially when the skin tag appears on visible areas like lip.

People seek treatment simply for cosmetic reasons. There are several ways to remove skin tag on lip such as surgical excision, laser removal etc. It is also possible to remove it with home remedies within the confines of your home.

What Causes Skin Tags On Lips?

Several factors contribute for the occurrence of skin tag such as skin to skin friction, genetics, and obesity.

It is equally prevalent in men and women. Skin tags appear on areas which are prone to constant rubbing and friction. Heredity plays an important role. The hanging tags on lip are not as common as those that originate in other high friction areas.

One of the reasons for skin tag to develop on lip is repeated habit of lip biting. It may damage the skin and the soft tissues of lip. Once the damaged area starts to repair, the excess of collagen and blood vessels may initiate an extra growth of skin which we call it as skin tag. The same reason is implemented if the lip area is damaged while shaving in men.

The other associated causes for skin tag on lip are; diabetes, obesity, hormonal changes during pregnancy, HPV infection, prolonged consumption of steroid etc.

Home Remedies To Remove Skin Tags On Lips

Skin tags are harmless growths of skin. The tag usually remains hanging with its base attached to the skin. Most people feel embarrassed when they have skin tags on visible areas such as face and lips. Some people learn to live with them while some others pursue treatment to remove them.

There are different ways to remove skin tag. It can be surgically excised, removed with the help of cryotherapy, or laser treatment. However, all these procedures are costly and many people opt for natural treatment.

Home remedies are a great option to remove skin tags on lips. Following are some of the remedies:

  • Mix castor oil and baking powder till it forms uniform paste. Apply the paste on skin tag and leave it overnight. Wash your lip in the morning with lukewarm water and pat the area dry with clean cloth. Follow the procedure regularly till the tag is removed completely from its base.
  • Onion juice is effective natural remedy to shrink the tag. Extract fresh onion juice and apply it over the tag. Apply it at night and keep it overnight. Repeat the procedure daily till the skin tag completely disappears from the lip.
  • Tying a dental floss at the base of tag will eventually shrivel the tag and one fine day it will fall off. Tying the floss at the base of skin tag cuts off blood supply as a result it will fall off after few days.
  • Apply homeopathic medicine Thuja regularly on the skin tag. With progress of time, the tag will dry up and fall off.
  • Cut one vitamin E capsule and apply the oil on the skin tag. Follow it twice a day for 10 to 15 days for expected result.

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