How Do You Get Rid Of Skin Tags On Armpit? Causes Of Skin Tags

Skin tags are tiny protrusions of skin usually seen in areas where skin repeatedly rubs against skin or clothing rubs against skin. These benign and harmless growths are commonly present in adults. Skin tags are equally present in men and women. They are usually observed in skin folds of armpits, groin, chest, neck, under the breast, eyelids etc.

These tiny hanging tags are attached to underlying skin with narrow stalk. They are smooth and very small in diameter. The tags are slightly darker than the underlying skin. They are irregular in shape. There may be a solitary or several skin tags in the armpit at a time.

A large sized skin tag in armpit can bleed near its stalk due to repeated friction, however smaller ones are harmless except some people find them unsightly in appearance. The tags can be easily removed either with home remedies or dermatological technique.

What Causes Skin Tags On Armpit?

Skin tags are formed when collagen cells and tiny blood vessels of skin accumulate together in the thicker part of skin, mainly in skin folds and creases. They are not present since birth but as a person ages, they develop.

Studies have shown them to have genetic predisposition.

Tags develop due to friction between the two skin folds or because of friction between tight fitting clothes and skin. Repeated friction is prominent reason for formation of skin tags in armpits. Obesity, change in hormones during pregnancy and menopause in females, diabetes etc makes a person more susceptible for development of skin tags in armpits and elsewhere in the body.

Use of steroids for long duration can be a risk factor for its formation. Steroids encourage bonding of collagen fibers in the skin and precipitate formation of skin tags.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Skin Tags Under Arms

Skin tags in armpits are harmless growths of skin but many people want to remove them for cosmetic reasons. Sometimes a larger skin tag can produce discomfort and bleeding due to repeated friction and thus needs to be removed from armpit. Skin tags in armpits can be removed with two methods, either by cutting them off or by applying topical medicines to dry them.

  • A dermatologist removes skin tags in armpit by cryosurgery, or ligating a thread to the stalk of skin tag. He may also excise it with scalpel following aseptic precautions.
  • Many individuals remove smaller tags in armpits at home by tying a dental floss around the base of skin tag. Tying the stalk with thread or floss obstructs blood circulation and after few days the tag dries and falls off.
  • Castor oil is safe and effective home remedy to remove skin tag in underarm. Rub castor oil at the base and over the tag for few minutes two times daily. After few weeks the tag will fall off from its base.
  • Apple cider vinegar is time tested home remedy to remove skin tags. Take a Q tip and dip it into vinegar. Dab the wet Q tip on skin tag. In the beginning vinegar may cause stinging sensation which after a while will reduce its intensity. Apply it for two to three weeks for the skin tag in armpit to fall off.
  • Since armpit has hair, removal of skin tags sometimes becomes messy affair. Aloe vera gel is safe for skin. Massage it regularly two times in a day for few weeks.

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