Small Skin Colored Bumps On Face: Treatment For Small Bumps On Skin

With constant exposure to the environment and various elements, skin of the face is prone to changes which include lesions, growths and discoloration. Small skin colored bumps on the face can be indicative of a wide range of condition. Though most of these conditions are benign in nature, there could be some conditions which might require immediate medical attention.

A simple visual examination along with medical history can help provide a great deal of information about the nature of the skin bumps on the face. Their appearance and associated symptoms like itching or pain can also be indicative. Often dermatologists make conduct a skin biopsy to understand the exact pathology of the condition. Fortunately most of these conditions are self limiting and can be treated effectively using conventional therapies and home remedies.

Skin Colored Small Bumps On Face

There are different forms of skin colored bumps of the skin indicative of different pathologies. As per the Maryland Medical Center University, small, skin colored bumps are indicative of atypical moles.

However in addition to moles, skin color bumps may also be indicative of other skin growths like:

  • Kertocanthomas which are flesh colored round growths with craters.
  • ¬†Seborrheic Keratosis which are wart like spots often observed in older individuals.
  • In addition skin color lesions can also be indicative of trichoepithelioma, which mimic basal cell carcinoma but are benign in nature.
  • Viral infections like molluscom contagiosum is another lesion that can result in skin colored bumps on the face.

Skin Colored Bumps On Body

The skin of the face has several small bumps primarily due to exposure to environmental pollutants and direct exposure to sun. However there are certain forms of skin color bumps that can be observed on other parts of the body.

  • Moles or Warts are skin colored bumps that can be present in any part of the body, though they are more common on the neck and arms. These moles can be darker than skin color and often associated with a stalk.
  • Molluscom contagiosum is a viral infection which can spread to other parts of the body through contact. Touching and scratching the part may also spread the infection to other individuals. As per the American Dermatology Academy, even infected objects like towels and clothing can cause a spread of the condition.
  • Small pimples and rashes can also be observed in other parts of the body. These pimples are primarily attributed to either dermatitis or eczematous growths

Treatment For Small Bumps On Skin

Treatment would include cauterization or freezing of the bumps. However there are certain home remedies and natural remedies that are equally effective:

  • Local application of tea tree oil is considered highly effective. Tea tree oil is an anti-microbial agent and helps in quick resolution of bumps on the skin.
  • Local application of paste of honey with turmeric can also be beneficial. Both honey and turmeric have anti-bacterial properties which can help in management of boils, pimples or infected skin lesions.
  • Local application of Aloe Vera gel helps in moisturizing the skin and also manages bumps which are often associated with skin dryness.

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