Sun Tan Removal Home Remedies | What Causes Skin Tan

In some parts of world people love to take sun bath. They deliberately tan their skin by exposing their body to sunrays. Sun tanning is a natural process where the skin of the person gets dark or tanned when he spends considerable time in sun.

Ironically there are people who would like to know how to get rid of tanned skin.

What Causes Skin Tan?

The skin turns dark as a result of increase in the melanin pigments when exposed to sun. The color of the skin is determined by the melanin pigments, more the quantity, darker the skin. In this way our body mechanism counteracts and protects the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation of the sun.

One should not get confused between sun tan and sun burn because they are two separate entities. Sun burn is damage to the skin where as sun tan is no cause of worry as it occurs naturally after sun exposure.

While moderate exposure is to sun is beneficial as it benefits in producing vitamin D in our body, overexposure can be detrimental to our body causing various serious skin conditions which may include skin cancer or sun burn.

Home Remedies For Tanned Skin

Usually after certain period of time the tan fades away of its own, if you prevent over exposure to sun. However there are several tan removal home remedies if a person wants to regain his normal skin color.

  • Maintain good skin hygiene. Take bath daily. It helps to regenerate the skin cells much faster.
  • Lemon juice is known for its bleaching properties. It helps to lighten the tanned skin. You can incorporate lemon juice with many ingredients such as raw potato juice.
  • Apply the mixture of raw potato juice and lemon juice on the tanned area. Leave it for ten minutes before you take a bath. Repeat the procedure daily. It is an effective remedy to remove sun tan.
  • To get rid of tanned skin, scrub the area with a mixture prepared from a cup of lemon juice and two teaspoon of sugar and few drops of glycerin. Now gently massage the area with your finger tips, it will also make your skin smooth besides fading sun tan.
  • Milk also helps to make your skin smooth and fade the dark skin after sun tan. Regularly apply milk over the tanned surface of the skin before bathing and observe the difference after few days.
  • Peel a fresh cucumber and extract cucumber juice, add one teaspoon of honey to make it a paste. Now apply it gently on your body. Cucumber soothes the skin of its redness after sun tan.
  • A paste prepared from turmeric powder and curd is also an effective tan removing home remedy.

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