Symptoms of Sunburned Scalp and How to Treat It at Home

Sunburned Scalp

A sunburned scalp is not a pleasant condition and most people are not aware that it can occur. Sunburn is a common problem especially during hot summer days. However, most people who enjoy getting tanned when the sun is at its highest are not aware of the hazards it brings.

After slathering large amounts of sunscreen all over the skin, it can be very surprising to find out that the exposed scalp can get sunburned.

Although the scalp is covered by a lot of hair, it is inevitable to get it sunburned after being out for too long. This is because the scalp is still part of the human skin making it easy to burn especially for bald people or those with thin strands of hair. The moment a stingy sensation is felt after a long sun bathe, it is likely that a person has already incurred a sunburned scalp.

Sunburned scalp can happen not only from over exposure under the sun. Sometimes it is caused by sun-equivalent exposure from tanning machines. By staying too long under these elements, a person can have dry, itchy and burned scalp that can be very irritating.

Sunburned Scalp Symptoms

After staying out under the sun for too long, there is a tendency that the UV Rays have already damaged the scalp. A person will be able to determine a sunburned scalp if the following symptoms are present that include,

  • Redness of scalp surface.

  • Itchy and stingy sensation felt all over the scalp, specifically on the affected area.

  • Drying up of the scalp resulting it to get flaky.

  • The scalp turns red after 2-6 hours of exposing it under the sun.

  • For severe cases of sunburned scalp, fever and chills may occur.

  • Skin loss or peeling after several days of getting the scalp sunburned.

Sunburned Scalp Treatment

It is difficult to deal with a sunburned scalp compared to a regular sunburned skin. People having this condition can treat the sunburned scalp by doing preventive measures such as:

  • Taking a shower right after getting home. It will cool down the burning sensation of the burned scalp.

  • The moment the head feels itchy, an anti-dandruff shampoo can be used to alleviate the flaking.

  • Once the sunburned scalp is slowly peeling off, do not touch it as it can even create more damage.

  • Tea tree oil has been proven to be an effective alternative to treat sunburned scalp.

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