What are the Causes of Sweaty Back and Home Remedies to Stop It

Sweaty Back

Sweating is a normal body function that involves the release of a salty liquid from the sweat glands of the body. The process is technically termed as perspiration. It is an important process that aids the body in balancing internal temperature and in staying cool.

Sweat is usually found on the underarms, on the palm of the hands, and on the feet.

It can also attack the back area which is often caused by a lot of factors besides the normal functioning of the sweat glands. This is true when excessive sweating is observed.

The amount of sweat produced depends on the number of sweat glands that a patient have and how active these glands are. Male patients have lesser sweat glands than female patients, but have more active ones. Also, sweat glands become very active when a patient reaches puberty.

Why Does my Back Get Sweaty?

  • Genetic disposition
  • Hot weather
  • In response to certain emotions like anxiety, anger and fear.
  • Consuming too much alcohol, caffeine, and spicy foods.
  • Medical conditions such as cancer, fever and infections, hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, and menopause.
  • Excessive exercise.
  • Medications that are used to treat mental and emotional disorders, those that are used to lower down body temperature when having a fever, thyroid hormone, and morphine.
  • Withdrawal from narcotic pain medications or from alcohol.
  • Essential hyperhidrosis. This is a medical condition that is characterized by excessive sweating.
  • Complex regional pain syndrome.

How to Stop Sweaty Back

  • It is best for patients to shower in a regular basis and use a deodorizing gel or soap. Those that sweat a lot can take up to 3 showers per day which will help in lowering down the body temperature.
  • Wear the right kind of clothes. Those patients who sweat a lot need to wear loose-fitting and light-colored clothes that are made of materials that allow proper ventilation.
  • Use over-the-counter antiperspirant and deodorant. This can help reduce the sensitivity of the sweat glands and minimize the volume of sweat not only on the back but other parts of the body as well.
  • Apply body powder or talc. These products absorb sweat and can also make patients feel refreshed and cool.
  • Take prescription strength antiperspirants that contain aluminum chloride hexahydrate. These are prescribed when other products have not worked in managing sweat.
  • Iontophoresis. This is a device that involves the passing of direct electricity into the skin with the help of tap water.
  • Take anticholinergics. These are oral medications that reduce sweating.
  • Cervical sympathectomy which is a surgical procedure can be done as a last resort.

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