Thermage CPT(Comfort Pulse Technology) Cost & Its Treatment Procedure

Thermage is a very effective, safe, and almost painless procedure that can help tighten skin and erase wrinkles, fine lines, and other blemishes. Thermage CPT is an improvement of this procedure, offering equipment that is twice as good as the traditional Thermage procedure. This also offers half the pain and twice the efficacy of the old technique.

Thermage CPT

  • This procedure uses Comfort Pulse Technology (CPT) to provide patients with a safer, less painful treatment option.
  • The procedure uses technology to deliver pulses that mimic Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS. TENS tricks the brain and disrupts its neural response so that the patient does not feel pain throughout the procedure.
  • The procedure also uses a vibrating hand piece that produces more comfort on the patient.
  • Because the patient does not feel any pain in the procedure, compared with lasers, thermage is quite a popular option.

Thermage CPT Cost

  • The costs of the treatments using this more advanced Thermage procedure are higher than its traditional, original counterpart.
  • Of course, the actual price will vary among patients because they would have different requirements, different goals.
  • Also, doctors do not have a fixed rate among themselves.
  • Many patients, especially those who can easily afford it, would rather undergo a more expensive procedure without experiencing any pain than a cheaper but painful one.
  • Still, there are many factors that could affect the costs of this procedure. It is best for the patient to really ask for a quote before deciding to be operated on in a certain clinic.

Thermage CPT Treatment

  • The treatment is an improvement of the old technique. Thus, patients can expect a more effective, safer procedure. This is the reason why this new technique is much preferred.
  • This equipment offers a more uniform delivery of heat unto the area to be treated. This will help eliminate unwanted side effects such as pitting and irregular texture.

Thermage CPT Results

  • Patients have reported a higher satisfaction rate in this CPT upgrade compared with the traditional Thermage technique. This is actually supported by extensive studies where the patients are made to undergo both techniques, each on one side of the patient’s face.
  • According to these studies, patients experienced virtually no pain in CPT.
  • Also, the patients have shown a remarkable difference in the texture and final results – with the CPT side offering better results.

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